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R.E. Medical issues

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a) i) Today in the most economically developed country Infertility is becoming a bigger problem in the recent years. Ten percent of couples in UK have fertility problems. But with science and technology has provided solutions to these problems known as embryo technology. These are: Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID)-This is when a randomly selected man has donated a sperm, which is inserted by a machine into the mother. Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH)-It is the same as AID but this time the husband's sperms is used. AIH is also known as homologous insemination. Egg Donation-An egg is donated by another Woman and is fertilised By IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) using the husband's sperm, which is then placed into the wife's womb. Embryo Donation- Both egg and sperm come from donors are fertilised using IVF. In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) - The egg from the woman is fertilised outside using either husbands or donors sperm, which is replaced back in the womb. Surrogacy- This is when the wife's egg and the husband's sperm is fertilised by IVF and placed into another woman's womb or when another woman is artificially inseminated by the husband's sperm. After birth the woman would hand over the baby to the husband and wife. ...read more.


Problems are raised because a heart transplant requires it to be removed before it stops beating. This would be like taking away life and playing the role of God. It costs a lot and requires high level skills which very few people have which means the poor would not be able to afford this. It makes a trade of organs in the world from people developing the world and rich people in the developed world. It raises problems whether the surgeons would try to save the donors organs to save another patient or save the patient who is a donor. As Muslims, so do some Jews are opposed with transplant surgery because they believe that transplanting organs on from another is against Gods will. They believe this because: Transplanting organs is breaking the mitzvoth on the sanctity of life Organs have been created by God for a specific individual who can not be put somewhere else. It also may affect their peoples Jewishness. B) I think I disagree that because Genetic engineering is one of the greatest discoveries of our time. It can be used for treating genetic diseases. All such new discoveries that help alleviate the suffering of humanity is welcomed in Islam. ...read more.


The pharmaceutical possibilities of genetic engineering will open tremendous in treatment of many illnesses and the possibilities in agriculture and animal husbandry might be the clue to solving the problem of famine the world over. The main concerns about genetic engineering lie in the area of the unknown and unsuspected future. The hazards of atomic radiation were not apparent for some time, nor could the damage be repaired, and the stakes with genetic engineering are far more serious. The introduction of genetic material from one species into another practically means the creation of a new species with mixed features. If pursued with man's inclination for seeking the unknown until it is known and the unachievable until it becomes achievable then mankind may be confronted by patterns of life yet to appear on the biological stage. Science might think that everything is under control while the case is not really so. Further, manipulating the human progeny might be extended beyond combating disease to the cultivation of certain physical characteristics considered desirable leading to elitism and discrimination against individuals who lack those characteristics. Worse still is the manipulation of behavior if genes determining behavior are isolated. The principle of tampering with the human personality and its capacity for individual responsibility and accountability would certainly be condemned by Islam. The technology itself attracts large capital for investment, and its investors will inevitably seek maximal financial return. ...read more.

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