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Racism, do you think it's right?

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Discursive Essay Racism, do you think it's right? I would imagine you would be thinking no, and so would the majority of other people who were asked this question, but unfortunately all over the world, racism still occurs. Racism is when an individual abuses or threatens you or damages your property due to your colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin. This is known as racial harassment. If someone uses any kind of physical violence against you because of your colour, race or nationality or ethnic origin, then this is recognised as a racial attack. Racism started at around about two thousand years ago, when the ancient Greeks and Romans made slaves of people who were a different religion from them. I feel strongly about racism as well as all the other important issues, but I feel that racism is also an important one, as individuals should not be discriminated against due to their appearance, religion or beliefs. During the period of 1666 - 1800, 10,591,115 innocent people of ethnic minorities were kidnapped from countries such as Africa. They were then shipped over to America where they were sold as slaves. ...read more.


to help track down Stephen's killers. Ten years later, the killers have not yet been caught. From this case, it was recognised that there is a sub-culture of obsessive violence, which is fuelled by racist prejudice and hatred against black people. I feel that it is highly unjust that people are being judged by their skin colour, beliefs or religion, as it seems as if they are not being given the right to live a normal life in peace and harmony, but are being made to live in constant fear of being attacked. Another survey from 1993/94 shows that people of ethnic backgrounds are five times as likely to be searched by police in Brixton than people of non ethnic backgrounds. Government figures showed that a quarter of the 441,905 drivers stopped for no reason were from ethnic backgrounds. Even though people from non-ethnic backgrounds were also stopped, I feel that the police should only stop individuals if they know for sure that they have done something wrong. The police should not stop motorists who are of a different race and then assume that they are guilty without any proof, as this is prejudice. ...read more.


In a similar way, we may see the world as a garden decorated with many people of different colours. We should learn to therefore appreciate that although each person is different, it is each person that contributes to the spice of life in this world. God says: "O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know each other. The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah , is the best in conduct" (Qur'an) Racism is wrong and it is a form of prejudice. It is widespread and many wars have been started across the world as a result of there being several different religions. The government has made the effort to try and reduce racism by advertising its wrongness on many different, brightly coloured posters, but there are still many fights caused and people do get hurt, if not mentally then physically. I hope that in the future, all racists will realise that people who have different appearances from themselves, are still ordinary human beings and that they should not be discriminated against. I also hope that in the future, racism will no longer be an issue, as more and more people will realise that its wrong and it is not worth fighting about. ...read more.

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