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Racism In Football

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Argumentive Essay Racism In Football Jamie Carr 10E Racism is all around us; we cannot hide from it. It is in our sports, our music and our life. How can we say that there are not racists in our society, we hear people everyday. I listen to rap music and go to football matches and I hear racist language but I am not a racist because I don't discriminate against coloured people or women. Are you a racist? Racism has become quite controversial in football in the last 10 years; this is mainly because of more foreign players coming into football. However the racism in football is not always about skin colour, because sometimes it is bout women however, this is mainly regarded as sexism. ...read more.


Is that how we want our younger generation to behave, as racists? However unless we do something drastic then that is what is going to happen. If children hear this language at the matches they might start using it out on the streets. Certain footballers have recently been in the news because they attacked an Asian boy. In the news it was reported that they had been drinking one of the Leeds players threw a punch at the Asian and then they chased him and beat him down. No one knows why the punch was thrown but that started it all. People are saying it's the Asians fault for fighting back but anyone would. Is that how we want our footballers to be shown, as racists. ...read more.


So when women play football the fans should not be shouting abuse. Some women find it amusing but some players will find it offensive. I have never visited a woman's match but I have heard that people do shout abuse sometimes, at the women. Is this how we want our children to treat women, there are just as equal as us so we should give them the respect they deserve. As always it is a small minority of people who are spoiling it for everyone else. Unless these people stop our younger generation are going to grow up thinking that it is ok to be a racist. However, as police are now starting to clamp down on racism in football and in general hopefully this will not happen. However I fear that unless we do something it will. I will leave you with this one last thought do we want our next generation to be racists? ...read more.

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