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Racism will stay on our earth, until we can educate every single person in this world

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Racism Could you image having to enter a public bus through the rear door and only be allowed to sit in the back of the bus? Could you image having to drink from a specified water fountain designated for your race? How about facing the fear of hate groups against your race, or being falsely accused of a crime and found guilty by a jury consisting of people of another race. This is what people had to do half a century ago. This all 'stopped' in the last fifty years since the adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However I believe it stills continue in our society today. And it will continue unless we make a stop to it. In the dictionary the word racism is defined as a belief in, or set of implicit assumptions about the superiority of one's own race or ethnic group, often accompanied by prejudice against members of an ethnic group different from one's own. ...read more.


They don't want to see people of their OWN race richer than them, so they ignore them. But when they see someone of another race, richer than them, they become angry, and the richer people become their target. It's like what happened during the holocaust. Hitler was a racist. Most of the German people were poor, not very well educated and angry. They wanted someone to blame for their troubles. The Jewish people in Germany were hard workers, generally pretty rich and they were different. So, they became Hitler's target. Adolph Hitler was one of the worlds biggest Megalomaniacs he was solely responsible for the death of millions of Jewish men, women, and children. It wasn't that he actually killed all those people it's the fact that he brainwashed then ordered numerous German soldiers to do his dirty work. There is absolutely no logic in that. Wealth belongs to whoever has worked hard for it. ...read more.


What gives them that right? And furthermore what do they have against the skin colour of a Black person, a White person an Asian person or any other person? Racism, as an idea and a practice, has evolved and continues to do so. Many of us today conceptualize racism in terms of what it was, prejudice and physically violent behavior, and hence, in the absence of such practice, see no racial problems. Although violence and bigotry is still very real, racism is not limited to these things. Like sexism it involves more than conscious feelings of superiority on the part of some individuals; racism exists as systems of domination and oppression which continue to perpetuate themselves even after individuals cease to be conscious of the harm they do. The violence becomes part of regular practice, is "justified," and then slips into invisibility. Racism will stay on our earth, until we can educate every single person in this world. People will never understand that all humans are alike inside until we can take the last illiterate person and teach them to read. Because with education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes tolerance. ...read more.

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