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RE Corsework Section A

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Religious Education: Unit 5 A(i) Many couples in the western world are having trouble having children (12.5%). Fertility drug treatments may help but the most successful treatments involve medical technology. Also, lifestyle issues can also affect a woman because she could have chosen her career before her family. I am going to briefly outline a couple of fertility treatments that involve medical treatment and technology. Firstly, In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is when an egg is fertilised outside the womb using a donor or husband's sperm and then injected back into the womb. Secondly, AIH(Artificial insemination by husband) is when a wife has the husbands sperm put inside her by a doctor. Thirdly, AID(Artificial insemination by donor) is when a mother has donated sperm put inside her mechanically. Fourthly, egg donation is when an anonymous woman donates an egg which is fertilised by in-vitro fertilisation then by a doctor placed in the wife's womb. ...read more.


Therefore, Catholics don't allow any technical equipment. The other Christian Churches allow AIH and IVF because technology could provide happiness to childless couples, especially these two treatments because the egg and sperm are from the husband and wife. They also allow these because their intension is to produce children, not to kill embryos. They also ban treatments which concern identity of the parents. Christians with childless couples are guided to adopt. The Muslims point of view on infertility treatments is that they allow IVF and AIH the treatments, however, as long as the sperm is from the husband and egg is from the wife, and you do not kill any embryo's, this is allowed, by Islamic laws. No Muslim man is allowed to donate sperm, and no woman is allowed to donate an egg. ...read more.


They were set up a certain way (our genes) and I don't think we should alter it because we were born naturally with the genes we inherited. Also, I think this is 'playing god' quite a lot. I disagree with the view that says 'God gave us these skills to alter our genes' because although this is possible God didn't intend us to go round changing our genes. Religious people would think a person was committing a sin by changing their genes. Although some people may think that god has given the knowledge to change the way their children's genes our set up From my point of view, I believe scientists are taking genetics a little too far beyond it's point because it is really God's role to decide if we were going to have a disease or something.. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rakeem Nabi ...read more.

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