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RE Course work on the person of Jesus Christ

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RE Course work on the person of Jesus Christ Introduction: This is an introduction of the course work we are doing on Jesus and the person he was, also the different stories that were written by Mark,it seemed that every story had a different meaning in each one of them but some have the same meaning in them, Mark refers to Jesus by these different titles, my first title will be JESUS/SAVIOUR These stories show Jesus to be a true saviour to any who belives in him e.g The syro Phoenician woman who's daughter needed help and this woman saw Jesus and asked for his help, just even a small bit of help. The odd thing was that the woman and her daughter were both Gentiles (were not Jews),but the woman was well spoken and said to Jesus "Let the children be fed first, for it's not fair to take the children's food and throw it to the dogs (Meaning let the Jews get first treatment.) Jesus was impressed by what she said "sir even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs" Jesus healed the woman's daughter and so the demon inside her had gone. This show's Jesus loves everyone and help's them when they have faith. This story also relates to the calming of the storm, when Jesus and his friends were out at sea a storm brewed and caused his friends to panic because Jesus was lased back almost asleep but then Jesus said to them " Do you have no faith in me?" ...read more.


The only stories that relate to each other are James and John ask for a favour and Jesus predicts his death they do so because the way Jesus tell's the people that we must all go through suffering to be able to go to heaven which shows Jesus to be a normal human being like the rest of us, we go through different emotions and so did Jesus. Next title is Son of God: This title has three stories, which are the baptism, the transfiguration and the trial before the high priest. The first story I'll do will be the transfiguration, this story shows Jesus to be Son of God because three things happen to him when he takes his friends to the mountain, the clothes that he was wearing went dazzling white, and back then white meant purity, Elijah and Moses appeared next to Jesus and they were talking to him, then a cloud appeared, a voice spoke from the cloud and said "This is my son whom I love, listen to him!" then suddenly it was just Jesus, Jesus told Peter and John not to tell anyone until the son of God had risen from the dead, but they did not understand what he meant by rising from the dead, it shows Jesus to be son of God as the voice from the cloud said so, and the things that happened wouldn't happen to an ordinary person. ...read more.


The entry into Jerusalem is the last of the stories I will do,it started when they drew near Jerusalem, Jesus asked two of his disciples to go into the village and find him a foal (a baby donkey), when they came back with one they threw there cloaks over it's back so that Jesus could sit upon it, some people layed there garment's on the floor and palm leaves for Jesus and the donkey to walk over those who followed behind shouted "hosanna! Blessed is the kingdom of David that is coming! Hosanna in the highest" Jesus finally entered Jerusalem he looked around with the twelve disciples, this imperticular story shows how Jesus tried to put the word across that he wasn't a messiah who was a warrior but was a kind understanding one, and one who didn't think he was a king but the king of Jews. All of the stories I have written about were all originally written by mark and the cleaver thing is they each have a hidden meaning in them and over many years of readings people discovered the meanings and the way they were used. The people of the day when the early Christians were around could read these stories and know for sure he was worth giving up your life for, but people now `a' days could read them and think about the things he had for us to live today for " no matter what never give up the faith" ...read more.

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