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RE Coursework – Suffering, Death and Resurrection

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RE Coursework - Suffering, Death and Resurrection Introduction The aim of this coursework is to explain what Christians believe about the death of Jesus and life after death. To do this I will use a variety of sources including the Internet and Marks Gospel. I will use two types of evidence Historical and Theological. The historical evidence will concentrate more on the New Testament and the aspects of Jesus life and death and resurrection. I will also tell of the conflicts Jesus had with the Jewish leaders, and how these led them to want him dead. I will also show why in the end even the common Jew turned against Jesus. Historical Explanation God promised a Messiah who would make the Jews great again. They expected Jesus to be like their last king David who was a great warrior. ...read more.


Some people like the Apostles knew Jesus was the Messiah and that he was not a warrior . Some still waited for a warrior king and others just refused to accept him as the Messiah. By now the Jewish leaders were now actively trying to have Jesus killed but they had no power to, as the Roman governor was the only person who could execute people. The fact that there were large gatherings when Jesus entered Jerusalem was something that the Jewish leaders could use against him when they put him before the governor as it gave an indication that Jesus was a revolutionary. But up until know Jesus was not even guilty under Jewish law as he had only referred to himself as the "Son of Man". But when he was brought before the high council, he was asked "Are you the Messiah the Son of the Blessed God?" ...read more.


Jesus death was all about reconciliation between God and us The sacrifice Jesus made was all about love and the fulfilment of the new covenant, which was Jesus. The Passover was a symbol of the old and the Last Supper a symbol of the New Covenant. In the day of Moses the Egyptian king was held to ransom as the Jew's fought for liberation but Jesus used sacrifice and love to liberate people's sin. God sacrificed his only son to fulfil the covenant and reconcile his people. This is what the Jewish leaders of the time didn't understand and they had him executed because they felt threatened, and the fact Jesus wasn't a warrior didn't help him as normal Jews didn't understand why he was here. Summary The Historical evidence tells you how Jesus died and goes someway to telling you why Christians believe in Life after death. The Theological evidence shows that Jesus sacrificed himself and then rose and so we too believe we will rise again, in heaven with Jesus. ...read more.

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