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RE Coursework- Religion as Expressed in Music. a) (I) Phoenix With A Heartache- Kids In The Way

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RE Coursework- Religion as Expressed in Music. a) (I) Phoenix With A Heartache- Kids In The Way This song is about someone dying then becoming alive again. A lot like reincarnation, but not becoming a different creature or plant. Just the soul of the body, like their ghost. They came back to life and looking back on their life and what mistakes they have made. "You rose from the ashes" The ghost of this body then try's to help it's friend along the way in his life. To make it better. And showing it's friend he is not really how he seems and, is a lot different, and trying to make him a better person. As the lyrics say; "You showed me everything, showed me everything, showed me everything I never knew about me." The band member, then writes a song thanking his friend for what they has done. ...read more.


"To the hustlas, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers; Jesus walks with them" In this song he sings about how everyone needs Jesus. He believes that Jesus is a very important person in everyone's lives and everyone should respect him. He asks God to show him the way because the devil is trying to break him down. "God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down. The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now" This shows that he wants God to help him be good and how to lead his life, so that that he will have a good after life. "I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long" This lyric he has written indicates that he is scared to pray to God in case he won't listen, as he hasn't prayed in such a long time. ...read more.


So he expresses his feelings through this song and turns to God for help. Writing this song helped him to deal with this issue because he expressed his feelings into a song. He also explains in this song, how he knows he is not alone, because God will always be with him. "Cos I'm not alone..." This shows that he has belief in himself and he can move on with his life with God's help. From this, he has decided to become a Christian as he has realised that God can help him deal with his problems. I think people will be able to relate to this song, because a lot of people go through this and it might help them see that God might really be able to help if they tried. The reason why I picked this song, is because I felt that even though I don't believe in God, that there is someone or something to help me. That's why I like this song. (B) ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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