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RE GCSE Mark's Gospel option C AO1

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RE GCSE Coursework Option 1C Ao1: belief Choose Two Titles for Jesus in St. Mark's Gospel and explain the Meaning and Importance for Christians Today. The two titles I have chosen are Jesus/saviour and Son of God. These two titles are given by Mark to show that there is something extraordinary about Jesus. Mark represents Jesus as a real human being but he is a saviour who has the power of God. Jesus, who was sent down by God to save people from sin, is continually talked about in the Mark's Gospel as the saviour and as a human, but Mark cleverly doesn't say these direct words, he wants the readers to draw their own conclusion. These two titles are given to Mark by god, so he is told to write them down, as what a fundamentalist would say. These two titles are the most loved titles. Jesus, the Son of God, was sent to build the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Mark emphasises the humanity of Jesus in a number of texts, so that Christians today can find it easy, if they are in a troubled situation, to relate to Jesus. ...read more.


But also in Mark's gospel, Jesus shows Christians his divine side, again in the Calming of the Storm when he actually calms the storm, only God has the powers to do this. Mark tries to interact both his human and divine sides of Jesus in all of the passages. It is key that he doesn't emphasise just one or the other, as it could mean that he was human or that he was God with no human feeling. Another example of how Christians can relate to Jesus is when he says to his disciples, 'Let us rest for a while.' The passage later says that 'So they started out in a boat by themselves for a lonely place.' (Both from the Calming of the Storm). These two quotations portray Jesus' human qualities with his want to be alone. Another quotation that also portrays Jesus' human qualities and that help Christians today relate to him is, 'And his heart was filled with pity for them.' He fills sympathy for those who have followed him just to hear his teachings. ...read more.


Firstly, Jesus has been confirmed as the Son of God, as the messiah as all the members of the Trinity are present, and secondly, the spirit came down on him like a dove, which is significant as that shows that all three members of the Trinity are present. This is important to Christians today as this confirms to them that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus, through this title shows us his true identity. The Transfiguration illustrates this, 'As they looked on, a change came over Jesus, and his clothes became shinning white- whiter than anyone in the world could wash them.' (The Transfiguration) This clearly shows the true identity of Jesus shown in all its glory. This is important to Christians today as this passage shows Christians both his divine and human side, and also the importance to keep faith. Lastly, both these titles have one message. The message for Son of God is that it best describes the close relationship between God and Jesus, the father and son relationship, which is used by many people today including Christians. It also best describes the worship that is vitally important to Christian today. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Newell ...read more.

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