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RE - Life after Death

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R.E. Assessment 1) What is immortality of the soul? The immortality of the soul is the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body. The immortality of the soul is believed in many religions and is also a key concept in many religions such as Christianity. 2) Choose a religion and outline teachings on life after death in that religion. Many jews believe in the resurrection of the dead, indeed it is one of the Thirteen Principles of the Faith set out by Maimonides which all Jews are expected to believe. They believe that God will end this world when he decides to do so. Then he will create a new world and resurrect the dead. He will rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the temple and good Jews will live there for eternity. These beliefs are based on the teachings of the Tenakh and the Talmud and the Thirteen Principles. ...read more.


As all the gospels suggest that Jesus' body was resurrected, this shows that this is an important part of the Christian believe and suggests that resurrection is a major part of the Christian faith. The major creeds of the church teach that Jesus rose from the dead and that there will be an afterlife. All Christians should believe in the creeds therefore believe in the resurrection of the body. A religious upbringing may influence the belief in the resurrection of the body. If Christians are taught from a very young age that Jesus if the son of God and his body was resurrected then this will seem normal to them and they will believe this and carry on believing this. If a person was raised in an environment where everybody believes that Jesus was resurrected, they would believe this and influence others. Many Christians believe in life after death and the resurrection of the body as it gives their life a meaning and a purpose. ...read more.


For example there are near death experiences where people seem to have been going to heaven or hell. There is the feeling that there is something greater than you. If God existed then surely there would be some sort of after life. Religious people say that God is testing us therefore he will not come before our eyes and that you must have faith to get to heaven. However, some believe that once you die your life is completely ended. These are usually atheists and also some agnostic people. This argument can be understood as there is still no scientific proof of the existence of God therefore all arguments are possible. In my personal opinion, I believe that there is an after life as this gives my life some sort of purpose and i believe in God. The Guru Granth Sahib says that all men will be judged after death and I too believe this. Most people believe that there is a life after death however people are allowed to believe what they want and there is no proof so all opinions should be allowed and accepted. ...read more.

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