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Reconciliation and Punishment

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Reconciliation and Punishment Ryan Ford Forgiveness is important to Catholics, as it is a sign of Gods love for us. God expressed his love by sending down his only son Jesus who came down to relieve the world from sin. As Jesus was left to die on the cross it is written that he begged for his father to forgive us, and the resurrection of Jesus is said to be the sign that we have been forgiven. Jesus preached forgiveness in many ways such as through parables, on the cross and through his prayers. In one of his prayers forgiveness has an important role in the prayer of the 'Our Father' where it mentions "And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us" Suggesting that if we forgive those that do us wrong we are doing as God asked and we will be forgiven also making us closer to God. Catholics seek reconciliation with God as it allows them to bridge the gap between them and God, renew their faith and understanding, to be cleansed and purified from their sins, and to live there life that God expects them to lead. The sacrament maybe considered the most important one, as it is a spiritual journey for most Catholics, it is a way they can offer personal forgiveness to God. ...read more.


Capital punishment involves the death sentence; this punishment mainly takes place when the criminal has committed murder. This form of punishment is the best deterrent of all, and is a subject under major debate across the world. Man people believe if capital punishment were injected into most countries there crime rate would lower. However Christian's attitudes are somewhat different. Christians feel that capital punishment should never take place, as many Christians believe the commandment 'thou shall not kill'. Christians also believe that all human life is sacred and believe that only God can judge us if we shall live or die. There are many lines mentioned about capital punishment in Mathews Gospel that we should set aside the rule of 'an eye for an eye' in which Jesus was sent down to remove. One of these passages is Mathew 5:38-42 where it says 'do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you.' Also many Christians point to the fact that many people are wrongly judged and receive capital punishment and are later found out not guilty. Christian's arguments against capital punishment, are that they feel nobody apart from God has the right to take a life away from somebody as it is said 'Cast the first stone those who are free of sin' as if we should we are as bad as the person committing the offence. ...read more.


However, I feel that only God has the right to decide if we live or die as I feel it is a gift from God and that we should take extreme care of it and live our life out until it is our time to die. The case of abortion I feel is wrong in certain issues, such as if the women has a chance of dieing by giving birth with this issue I believe the unborn child cannot be valued above the life of the women or if a women has been raped. Also in this case I feel at times it is right that we show some Christian compassion and allow the women to decide what she feels is best for herself. On the subject of mercy killing otherwise known as euthanasia I feel that if it will ease the suffering of a person than I feel it is acceptable especially if the person will be suffering a long term pain. In conclusion I have rather mixed emotions to the subject of only God can take or give life, but to come to a final decision I feel I disagree with this statement and I believe it is up to the person involved in the situation if they should live or die. ...read more.

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