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Refering to the church buildings of two traditions select the main features and explain their functions in worship.

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AO1-REFERRING TO THE CHURCH BUILDNGS OF TWO TRADITIONS SELECT THE MAIN FEATURES AND EXPLAIN THEIR FUNCTIONS IN WORSHIP. Prayer is the raising of ones mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God. From the beginning of life, humanity has been praying and worshipping in some form or way. However, different denominations have different traditions of prayer and worship. This diversity of traditions is due to the 'Reformation' in the 16th century, when different believes and traditions started to emerge from the Roman Catholic traditions, causing the Catholic church to split into different churches. These daughter churches have different traditions from the Roman Catholic Church. In this essay, the traditions that will be mainly referred to are the Roman Catholic Church and the Quaker Meeting House as they have features that could be easily distinguished from each other and very different styles of worship. The Roman Catholic Church has a couple of very significant features. The most significant of them all is the High Altar. This is the most important feature in the Roman Catholic Church and can be found in the eastern end of the nave, raised up in the sanctuary. ...read more.


On the contrary, the Quaker Meeting House does not have the Stations of the Cross. They do not believe in the Stations of the Cross. They believe that they can experience Christ through the Spirit. In the Catholic Church, the service of the word is also very important, thus a pulpit and a lectern are also important features of worship in the Catholic Church. The bible is usually placed on and read off the lectern by the priest who is standing on the pulpit where the whole congregation can see him. On the contrary, the Quaker Meeting House has no pulpit or lectern. This is due to the fact that the Quakers do not emphasise on the preaching of the word, their main focus is waiting on the Spirit. It is also due to the fact that they do not have a priest who leads on the service. In their case, any one can proceed to do the exhortation for the day; they believe that their service depends on how the Spirit of God leads them. ...read more.


The arrangement of the seats is therefore practical, so that they all can see each other talk. The Roman Catholic Church has features that serve a purpose as well as beautifying the church, for example, the stained glass windows. These are drawings illustrating incidents and scenes in the lives of various saints. This is very useful as it acts as teaching aids as well. Quite the opposite of the Catholic Church, the Quaker Meeting House does not feature stained glass windows. It is void of any beatifying feature except for the flowers that are kept on the table next to the bible. The reason for this being that they believe everything should be kept plain and simple as they were during the times of Jesus and his disciples. In conclusion, both the Roman Catholic Church and the Quaker Meeting House have various features found in those respective churches, each feature having their own use and significance. The difference in the features of both churches is because they have different beliefs, therefore they worship differently. The distinguished features therefore have different functions to suit their various styles of worship. Onyi 11EA ...read more.

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