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Referring to the church buildings of two traditions that you have studied - Select the main features and explain clearly how they are used in worship - Explain why some Christians have very elaborate church buildings whilst others do not.

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RE Coursework Referring tot he church buildings of two traditions that you have studied, * Select the main features and explain clearly how they are used in worship; * Explain why some Christians have very elaborate church buildings whilst others do not. Firstly I will look at a Catholic Church building; I will select the main features and explain how they are used in worship. * Large Alter, this is because Catholics believe the priest is re-enacts the death and resurrection of Jesus there every mass. They also believe that during a mass Jesus is found at the altar so it is a very important feature as well as it being a very prominent feature because of its importance in the mass. * Sanctuary lamp and tabernacle, the sanctuary lamp is lit when the Blessed Sacrament is in the tabernacle; this tells worshipers that God is present in the church. The tabernacle is an important feature because it holds the Blessed Sacrament (consecrated hosts), which are the most important thing in the mass being the body of Christ. * Large crucifix portraying Jesus on the cross suffering, this reminds us that Jesus' suffering saved us, it also invites us to share in his suffering so we can share in resurrection. ...read more.


It is very ornate for such a plain building which also puts emphasis on it and makes it stand out. * There is no altar, just a small communion table. This shows that the word of God is of more importance than the Eucharist. Eucharist is only given once a month which also suggests that it is of not as much importance as in the Catholic Church where it is given up every mass. Also it is not seen in the same way as in the Catholic faith, Methodists do not believe in the real presence so when they take communion it is not like taking Jesus' body and blood, it is to symbolize the Last Supper. God is present in the people no in the bread and wine. * No statues, images, or icons this is because Methodist's think that they get in the way of praying and distract you from focusing on God. Plain rooms with small reminders like a small Cross at the front of the room is all the Methodists believe they need to focus their attention to God. Also no stations of the cross because as with the other statues and icons etc. they get in the way of prayer, also they believe that the bible and reading tell us enough about Jesus' suffering for them to share in it. ...read more.


Jesus said `we will be judged on how they helped the poor. ` On the other hand some Christians may not agree with this statement. One reason for this may be to show God is special and deserves somewhere special to be worshiped in. Another reason for this is to keep alive the faith as a focal point to remind people of Gods presence and it is also a place for the Christian community to meet. Also another reason is to honor God, and important building to reflect the importance of God. They may also say that the early Christians still worshiped in the Jewish temple at first then got their own places of worship therefore if they worshiped in fancy and elaborate buildings places then modern Christians should too. I think that the money should be split between the churches and the poor then everybody get the best of both worlds you can still build churches, they may not be as alabarate but you can still have one. Also the poor will get a lot more money so the wont be as poor and we will become one step closer to wiping out world poverty. I think that looking at both sides of the argument most Christians would think it is better to give the money to the poor countries than spend it on the churches. Matthew Riley ...read more.

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