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relegious themes explored in a film

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RE Coursework - Section 3 Religious themes in a film The film in which I decided to review was a film called Anita and me. This film explores many different religious themes and issues which are either frowned upon in society or frowned upon by a certain religion. The storyline of the film is basically about a little Indian girl called Meena who now lives in England with her parents. The film was based on the highly successful novel write by the famous Indian actress called Meera Syal. In the film the main character Meena is supposed to be Meera from when she what a little girl and the film explores, from her point of view, experiences that happened when she was a little girl. The character of Meena is played by the young Chandeep Uppal.The character of Meena is a 12 year old daughter of Punjabi immigrants who is growing up in the early 70's in a small country village of whose inhabitants are nearly all white. The young Meena, after growing up in an English environment is not used to the Indian traditions and finds it hard to obey her mother's rules of being fashioned like a good Indian girl. She is a pop music loving young girl who loves a magazine called 'Jackie magazine. She writes to the magazine with her fantastic imaginative writing. ...read more.


Whilst she is out the back, Meena grabs a pot of money which a collection for the mending of the church roof (formally for African babies but being racist, the shopkeeper did not agree and so changed the fund) and shoved it down one of the twins tops and made them walk out with it. All of the parents then get called into the shop. Meena mother and the twins mother have been friends since they were little girls and this is the first ever fight they have had. The twins eventually get the blame and because of this the two best friends do not talk anymore. This is a theme of family rows and friendship. Despite everything they have been through in life the two friends end up at logger heads with each other over a religious issue. In the Hindu religion they believe that steeling is wrong and that god will punish them. This explores the idea of family rows and teaches us that we should always find out the real facts before taking drastic actions as shown here. I mentioned earlier that Meena was obsessed with writing and aspired to be a writer one day. She would always write articles to read out to the class and although she knew in herself that they ere very good, she never got told by the teacher that they were good, the teacher just used to say 'thank you Meena' and Meena used to sit down without any compliment made to her articles. ...read more.


BY this I mean that the comedy side of the film is still there which makes the film more enjoyable and takes the attention away form the initial message so that the audience can watch the film without always being drawn to the political side of it. I think that the film teaches us that we should not judge a book by its cover. Being s the main theme of the film is religion and faith splits in society, I thin that the film teaches us that we should treat others with the respect that deserve to get, no matter what their religion or faith or skin colour or hair colour, for that matter, may be. My personal reaction to the film was that it taught me a lesson in how I should respect each and every other human being despite what they have done because one day it might just come back on me. The film raised questions for me such as, why only 30 years ago was England such a racist country but now there are so many foreigners in this country that people see other ethnic origins as apart of our society? IN conclusion I think that the film of Anita and me gets across a valuable message that I think everyone in today's society could benefit from learning because in relation to the society of London today, there are many different ethnic religions living in the city and we must learn to respect all the other religions if we want respect form them back. Zoe Louise Thomas ...read more.

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