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Religeous Education - Three Responsibilities

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RELIGEOUS EDUCATION REVISON Guru Nanak - Three Responsibilities Firstly: Nam Japna - meditation on god's name. 'Nam' translated as name but nam means all that god is - total being and personality of god (mul mantra). This does not mean mindless repeating of words or performing actions. But the meditation on god's name (Hindu Brahmins throwing water at Hardwar and 2 Muslims praying). Secondly: Kirat Kara - earning your living honestly. Guru Nanak accepting Bhai Lalo's food > Malik Bhago (local Muslim leader) becomes angry Guru Nanak squeezed Bhai Lalo's roti and milk came out he squeezed Malik Bhago's blood came out as he got his money through exploiting the poor. Bhai Lalo worked as a carpenter. Thirdly: Vand Chhakna - giving in charity to those in need, this is liked to sewa, the service to god and humanity. Also taught is equality of birth and gender. Charitable sharing of time talents and earnings with those less fortunate than oneself. Sikhs believe that wealth within itself is not wrong providing it is gained honestly but to become obsessed by wealth is. The wealth created by hard work should be used for the benefit of the family, the Khalsa and humanity in general. Guru Arjan - Three Main Contributions 1. ...read more.


Contained in Guru Granth Sahib is god's living presence today. Gurbani shows ways people can achieve Mukti (liberation - birth, death and rebirth). Gurbani applies regardless of time and culture in which a person is living e.g. sewa, the equality in all of us. Against Importance - they lived in a different culture and time. Circumstances change and what was important is no longer. There are no teachings of issues that are important today e.g., abortion, cloning, how to be a Sikh, and living in another culture. Gurupurb Special efforts to visit the Gudwara often eat dishes at Langar (Indian sweets, ice-cream on Guru Arjan martyrdam day). Kirtan usually from the Gurbani given by the guru being celebrated. Katha (talks) based on guru's life and teachings. Nagar Kirtan: precession of Guru Granth Sahibthrough the streets lead by Pahj Piarre followed by procession of Sikhs. Gudwara - Two Symbols Definition: Guru's door only place Guru Granth Sahib installed. Features: Nishin Sahib- flag - either black/blue on a saffron background or saffron on blue/black background. Before entering the Gudwara Shoe's removed, head covered, feet washed shows the respect for GURU GRANTH SAHIB. Divan Hall Guru Granth Sahib is placed on takt (throne)............................. During Divan Musicians sit on the lower platform and play kirtans (words from the Guru Granth Sahib). ...read more.


God is beyond gender and is the mother and father, brother and sister How do people achieve Liberation? Sikhs should practice three responsibilities of: 1. nam japna - meditation on gods name 2. kirat kara - behaving honestly and giving a proportion of what you earn to those in need 3. vand chhako - serving god humanly (seva) Five Stages of Human Development 1. stage of piety - this is a stage when people are born 2. stage of knowledge - people can reach this stage by practicing the 3 responsibilities 3. stage of effort - this is a stage where people understand god and allow god to come completely into their lives and become a devotee. 4. stage of grace- person receives gods grace 5. stage of truth (sach khand)- where god exists in a formless way Marriage Must be in the presence of guru Granth sahib- witness to marriage. Lower circling of guru Granth sahib, this gives guidance to boy and girl, relationship of boy and girl should be similar of that of god to humanity. Bow before guru Granth sahib to show agreement to marriage. Role of the Family Assisted marriages. Traditionally parents chose marriages partners for the sibling. As soon as both sides say yes and give the go-ahead then they combine both families and the soul of the boy and girl. Nowadays boy and girl are able to suggest their partner. ...read more.

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