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religion and art

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Religion and art 1)a) The Baptism of Christ by Pierro Della Francesca was finished around 1448-1450. It was designed to be the centerpiece of an alter in a church. There are many religious symbolisms in the picture which shows the story of Jesus baptism which is told in the gospels Mark1:9-12 where Jesus is baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. The cloth that Jesus is wearing is the colour white which shows the purity of the soul that he is innocent and holy. As Jesus stands there his hands are clasped together which shows a symbol of leaving this also links to the dove above Jesus which is part of the trinity the holy spirit and the dove is very important as it has been mentioned numerous times in ...read more.


The landscape is used as disguised symbolism - Christ symbolized in the tree, God in the blue sky and Holy Spirit in the dove. The 3 angels are symbolic of the Holy Trinity. The shape of the picture is a Square and circle overlapping each other, with Christ in area common to both. The circle is shown with heaven, and the square with earth, here Christ is shown in the middle of the two. The tree also represents new life being reborn just like Jesus and that Jesus is offering new life in heaven. In the picture there is no one touching or standing in front of Jesus showing that he is different, important. ...read more.


Mary seems to be sitting in a form a triangular shape and this could represent the Christian belief of Trinity that means the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mary?s hands are painted in a praying posture which can be referred to Mary mourning over the death of Jesus. This painting portrays the depression of the death of Jesus; the image also shows a blackbird standing on a tree; this creature could be related with death. It is a bird of prey and could possibly be waiting to feed on dead flesh, which could be that of Jesus. Baby Jesus himself is painted naked to show his purity and honesty. d) "The arts are the best way representing religious beliefs." ...read more.

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