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Religion and equality.

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Rmeligious Studies Coursework Religion and Equality A) Describe the teachings of the religion which you are studying about discrimination and prejudice and how people should be treated. B) Explain how followers of this religion may put these teachings into practice C) 'Everyone is equal and must be treated exactly the same' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to the religion that you have been studying in your answer. Russell Wing Describe the teachings of the religion which you are studying about discrimination and prejudice and how people should be treated. Christianity looks at many different issues which are still topics today. Particularly teachings about a very modern day problem involving prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice is a judgement made against someone before the person is known. This is only thinking these thoughts and not putting these into action. Discrimination is the actual action of putting prejudices into action. This is acting on your prejudice. This is one of the most common problems nowadays. There are several types of discrimination. Ageism is where people are discriminated against on the ground of age. Sexism is where people are discriminated on the ground of their sex or sexuality. Racism is where people are discriminated against on the grounds of skin colour, origin or religion. Weightism is where people are discriminated against on the grounds of weight. ...read more.


They used non-violence to get what they wanted and prevented similar people from suffering the same injustices. Dr Martin Luther King Jnr is well known for how he helped the black community in the south of America which later resulted in non-racism all over America. Here are the major events in Dr Martin Luther King Jnr's life. * Birthdate, 15 January 1929 * Marriage to Coretta Scott, 18 June 1953 * Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956 * Birmingham Protests and the "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," April 1963 * "I Have a Dream" Speech and the March on Washington, August 1963 * Nobel Prize, December 1964 * Assassination, 4 April 1968 He realised that he should not be a second class citizen because of the colour of his skin. Black people in America were not allowed to vote or anything else really. He changed this by peaceful protests and soon got his way. He would sometimes receive up to 50 calls a night which were all death threats. He was a remarkable man who took it upon himself to make things better for his children, and there children, and there children. To achieve this though he had to put his families life at risk. I do not think that it was right to do this though as his first duty is as a father to his children, then and only then he should have started to think about changing the American public's views. ...read more.


I don't agree with this but there are some parts of each I believe. If I revisit my earlier point of the disabled being treated differently for a reason I can think of many other examples that display the same sort of thing. In sporting events men are not made to compete with women, because men are usually more powerful then women. Sports such as football would be hugely unfair for women to have to compete against men because of power. Also to elaborate on the disability issue if we did not have ramps and disabled people were treated the same, their quality of life would not be as great. If elderly people were not treated differently, by being put into homes when they were ill, they would die sooner due to nobody looking after them. Nowadays though if people are not being treated equally they will argue this. For instance Martin Luther King Jnr and Desmond Tutu both campaigned in America and South Africa respectively, both fought for the black communities rights. They held marches, petitions and sit - ins and both got their point across by peaceful means. These people both won rights for black people all over the world as do many women who campaign for equality between men and women. If you ask me now at the end of my coursework I would say that there are points of each that I agree with. For instance I do think there are occasions where people should be treated differently and there are occasions where people should be treated the same. ...read more.

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