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Religion and human relationships

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Religion and human relationships (A) Christian teachings on the sanctity of life in relation to abortion In 1967, abortion was made legal under certain circumstances but not everyone agrees with it. There is a difference in opinion to whether its murder or not and throughout history these opinions have changed. 4th CENTURY BCE TO 4th CENTURY CE (Abortion = Murder): 4th TO 17th CENTURY CE (Abortion is, then is not, then is, then is not murder): 17th TO 19th CENTURY CE (Abortion becomes murder again): 20th CENTURY CE (Abortion is murder, but only within some Christian denominations): For Christians there is sometimes a difference in opinion depending on the group of Christians they are from. This is probably because the bible does not state anything about abortion specifically as it is a modern ethical issue that has come about through advances in medical technology which allow doctors to safely abort a foetus. However there are moral principles in the bible that are relevant to abortion, and how you interpret these principles leads to your view on abortion. Attitudes towards unborn babies and life in general are relevant to the issue of abortion. Most relevant passages prompt Christians to reject abortion in all circumstances, but Christians also have a hard choice to make when choosing whether their teachings should be applied to the baby or the mother. The bible states that every unborn baby is part of goods plan. ...read more.


I will bless her so that she will be the mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her." The bibles morals state a lot about protecting the weak and needy. 'uphold the cause of the weak and the fatherless...rescue the weak and the needy and save them from the clutches of the wicked.' The above quote suggests that a foetus should be protected from abortion because it cannot speak out for itself, and could also be significant in that abortion should not be allowed in cases of a single mother. An early Christian document , the Didache, (54 AD) condemns abortion. 'you shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb.' The Roman Catholic Church doesn't allow abortion under any circumstances. Obviously in cases such as rape the church would do everything to support the woman but to give birth after rape is seen as a great accomplishment and a way of conquering the rape. The baby is just a second innocent victim so it would be wrong to abort it. Roman Catholics believe a good can come out of this evil. They do not allow abortions if the child is to be disabled as they believe that the child is still part of gods plan. The following quote state that god chose to make people disabled and they are not a mistake just as any other child is not a mistake. ...read more.


of other children, as well as in terms of her own person.' Both the Anglican Church and the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), believe that although abortion shouldn't be encouraged, the life of the unborn child cannot be seen as more important than the mothers. The General Synod of the Church of England explained the debate over compassion and abortion as follows; 'We affirm that every human life, created in the divine image is unique...and that it holds for each of us, born or yet to be born .We therefore believe that abortion is an evil...and that abortion on demand would be a very great evil. But we also believe that to withhold compassion is evil, and in circumstances of extreme distress or need, a very great evil...Christians need to face frankly the fact that in an imperfect world the 'right' choice is sometimes the acceptance of the lesser of two evils.' The free churches (Baptist, Methodist and Evangelical) say that abortion is a matter for the individual to decide. Methodists especially think that personal and social factors should be considered in each case. There are some Christians that do not agree with their religious leaders and think that everyone should have their own right to choose. It is a difference of opinion and depends whose right you put first, the unborn child or the mother and her circumstances. It is extremely difficult for Christians to decide where to apply their compassion but in most cases they would most likely appose abortion. By Lianna Bullingham. ...read more.

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