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Religion and life coursework 1

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Religion and Life Coursework Aii The Panorama show on BBC 1 is on one Sunday every week. The show starts at 8:30pm till 9:00pm. The Blackburn ethnic community was discussed recently on this show and I feel that this was a situation which had to be dealt with, at the moment people in the district of Blackburn are split into two half's. There is the Muslim community and the Christian community. Not only is this inhuman and unjust it is also stupid as it will only provoke more conflict. I do not see why the two races cannot get on together. I think that all we can do now is accept that Blackburn will become overrun by Muslims so I believe it would make more sense to accept the unenviable now that both Christians and Muslims both have a right to live in Blackburn and to be treated equally and fairly. ...read more.


I have always felt that everyone has the right to be treated equal and so I think that we should all live in racial harmony and not be prejudice to people we do not know, just because of their facial differences. At an early stage in my life I have been taught between right and wrong, and have been brought up to believe in God however I do not believe everything that is said in the Bible but I believe in a creator and that he as the creator created us in his own image, God is neither man nor woman or black or white everyone is related to each other as we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. ...read more.


Some people think that dark skinned people are thugs or belong to a lower class to us, as this did used to be the case. Some people find it hard to socialise with other races as they can not always know how to speak their language and sometimes feel threatened because they speak in their own language amongst them. Due to acts such as "The Equal Pay Act" and "The Sex Discrimination Act" it is illegal to discriminate someone on the grounds of gender or colour, and so this show shows us that Muslims and Christians can't get along together and choose not to work, speak, or even walk into another ethnic group's territory. Blackburn has to see that it needs to stop this separation between the two races and they need to act more civilized. If these simple steps are followed peace will follow. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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