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Religion and Medical Ethics - The Sanctity of Life

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Stacey Whittaker 3rd November 2004 Coursework, Topic 7 - Religion and Medical Ethnics. A - Describe the teachings of the religion which you are studying about the Sanctity of Life in relation to abortion or euthanasia. In this essay I will be describing the views of both Catholic and Protestant Christians on the Sanctity of Life in relation to abortion. I will include; what the Sanctity of Life is, what abortion is, attitude from Christians of past stages, both Protestant and Catholic views on abortion and the certain circumstances in which it will be permitted. The Sanctity of Life is a term used by Christians meaning the belief that life is holy or sacred. ...read more.


In 1968, the latest date for a woman to have a termination was set at 28 weeks into the pregnancy however in 1990 this period was reduced to 24 weeks into the pregnancy. Now there is no longer a time limit due to the risk of damaging the mothers life or health or the baby being born severely handicapped. The 1968 Abortion Act states that an abortion may be carried out if; two doctors agree that it is necessary; it is performed on registered premises or if the baby is not capable of surviving. Christians attitude toward abortion are all individual to the person, but the teaching of the Christian Church has not altered over the centuries. ...read more.


This was Pope Paul speaking about abortion in 1970. Many evangelic Protestants are also strong supporters of the pro life stance. Protestants consider abortion as an extreme last resort but they tolerate it rather than favour it. Pro-choice Christians leave it to the individual to decide what is right for them; they find it impossible to create rules that will apply in all situations. Compassionate Christians feel it is extremely important to show complete compassion for the women - whatever her decision maybe. They would show care and support for the women even if they did not entirely agree with her decision or actions. I think that the overall look upon abortion by all parties is that it is wrong and should not be performed. Everyone including Protestants and Catholics past and present agrees that the sanctity of life is at risk as abortion is murder. ...read more.

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