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Religion and Medical Issues

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Religion and Medical Issues For many people the purpose of marriage is procreation. However for some people this is difficult. Many women in the UK are infertile, being infertile forces women not to be able to have offspring due to the egg not being able to be fertilized, and therefore women which are infertile can not get pregnant and produce offspring. There are many different reasons why some women can't conceive children naturally, such as genetic reasons that have been passed down though their genes. They might have caught a sexually transmitted infection that has led to infertility. Or they might be physically unable by being too old to bear a child themselves. Around about 12.5 per cent of couples in the UK are thought to have fertility problems. Women become disappointed when they are informed that they are infertile. Most of these women become desperate to become mothers so they decide to turn to fertility treatment. Fertility treatment helps a woman to become pregnant so that she can have children. There are several different types of fertility treatment for women these are. * In-vitro-fertilisation (IVF) * Artificial Insemination by husband (AIH) ...read more.


Also roman Catholics and mainly some Christians believe that the treatment of IVF is similar to abortion, they believe it is similar to abortion as IVF treatment needs the embryos to be produced, and after the embryos have been produced most of the embryos are thrown away not to be used again, this method of IVF is similar to abortion and most Christians and mainly all the Roman Catholics believe that abortion is wrong and so is IVF treatment because they both use the same techniques. Other Christians believe that IVF and AIH is an acceptable procedure to go ahead with. They believe that IVF is acceptable because even though the treatment itself does not include the husband and wife having sex, the sperm and the egg are both from the husband and wife, so therefore no rule in Christianity has been mainly broken, apart from the minor fact the husband and wife have not officially had sex. Mainly Christians who think that it is acceptable to have IVF and AIH treatments believe that it is suitable to give couples children through the use of technology, however some Christians are doubtful of the different techniques available to have children, but they still find them acceptable, because they issue problems in later life for the children who want to know the donors information. ...read more.


Some religious people such as Sikhs believe that it is only right for god to interfere with our genes because, altering a persons genes could create different karma towards someone, in other words it could change the cycle of samsara, the birth and rebirth (karma) of a Sikh human being. For example some Christians believe that the statement is wrong because not only god can interfere with our genes but human can as well. Some Christians believe this because, they think that finding cures for genes is similar to finding drugs, some Christians also believe that Jesus showed Christians to find a cure for any disease, which now can be done through the alteration through our genes by humans and not only god. However, I disagree with this statement because I believe that if we can find cures for diseases by altering people genes we can prevent suffering in the world, and that is what all religions hope for. I also believe that we should alter our genes to only cure disease, but not to create the perfect human being because this would be a bad thing to happen and could cause change in someone's karma. I believe this statement is wrong because there is a big difference in creating people compared to creating cells. Therefore I think this statement is wrong. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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