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Religion and the Media

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Meera Shah 10BF RELIGION AND MEDIA There are four types of Religious programs: * Documentary Programmes > This type of programmes usually deal with one topic based on fact EXAMPLE: "The long search" * Worship Programmes > In this type of programmes people take part in a religious ceremony. EXAMPLE: " Songs of praise" * Magazine Programmes > This type of programmes deal with the lots of various sections. EXAMPLE: "Heaven and earth" Generally the audience of the religious program are the people who believe in religion. But still there are some programmes in which the target audience are the people who believe in vaguely religion. Some of the program doesn't deals with only religion but with also some deep discussion which includes stories in it. Some of the religious programs come in the morning and some in the evening and on Sundays as the People, who have day off on Sundays and are free in evenings can watch the religious programs. Documentary program: The present generation always believe on the matter that have true facts. ...read more.


Worship program: There are many people who are old, disable or not able to go to church under such circumstances. The worship program provides service for them. The e.g. can be songs of praise. It is recently, the most popular program on television in uk. It comes on BBC1 on Sunday at 5pm. In the songs of praise the people together sings hymns. They also provide us with Subtitles so its becomes interesting for the deaf people There were total 11.4 million viewers in 1998 and it came down to 6 to 8 million viewers. But still not bad. Songs Of Praise viewers have reported seeing 'miracles' on the show - people have called in to recount seeing the Virgin Mary in a stained glass window bowing her head, while others have seen statues of apostles and prophets raising their hands. They sometimes visit a particular place i.e. countryside, city or town. Get their views about god. Do they trust god? It's very interesting to know about the views of the people as it gives knowledge about how many people have +ve attitude about god.The audience might be the peoples who can't go to church under some circumstances that are old, disable etc., religious people, people who love to hear the Hymns. ...read more.


There are many people who deeply believe in God and like to watch the religious program but are helpless, they can't watch the religious program due to their job timings, so some of the program are forecasted on Sundays so that all people can watch. The parents can also insist their children to watch the program as they have day off on Sundays and gain some knowledge about religion. Some of the religious programmes are focused on only one type of religion, race and, on age as well. The type of religion chosen in the program also depends on the caste and the thinking of the producers and presenters and the COUNTRY. In London the program might be on the Christian religion, in India might be on Hindu, in Pakistan might be on Muslims etc. By watching religious programmes one gain peace in their mind. If we'll go in church their is omplete silence and it really gives peace in our mind if the person realises it. I conclude with that the person should watch any type of religious program once a day and it'll really change the behaviour of the particular person. ...read more.

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