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Religion and the Media

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Sophie Johnson Re Short coarse Year 11 Religion and the media Part Ai There was a time when sitting and watching Sunday worship or going to church was a family occasion, but times have changed. Now we are a secular society and many churchgoers or viewers, who watch these religious programmes, are older. Not much is done to change this though as many religious programmes are long, dull and straight to the point so variations need to be made to these programmes to attract a wider audience. They need to be uplifting and enjoyable but in a modern way to attract the younger generation. If these programmes change many viewers will be lost due to change. So I asked myself why do the older generation turn to religion? The answer was simple; when nearing the end people seek comfort and reassurance in god. They're reassured that they will go to a better place if they seek religion, and whatever happiness they will always have their religion, it is seen as the last resort of comfort. This is a change in it's self as in the past families were taught to live by the bible and if any one should have any troubles or decisions to make they should consult god. Now families play a large part in big decisions or trouble with a family member as we are much more open about things now and religion is very rarely consulted. ...read more.


Once put in this situation she helped Ethel commit suicide and gave her a lethal amount of painkillers. Dot was upset she had done this and gone against her religion and tried many times to confess, and she shoplifted and gave herself in as she saw this was a suitable punishment for what she had done. Soap operas are always dealing with issues of every day life, which gives their appeal. The Ethel Skinner story was a sensitive way of dealing with this issue and I wouldn't change anything within this storyline. This is because it was done between two elderly women and we give sympathy to them due to stereotypical views. It also wasn't just forgotten about after she died the story continued and showed that this was an important issue. I think Ethel wanted to die because of the suffering she was feeling. It was no humane way to die if Dot hadn't have helped her to die. Dot didn't feel able to help her due to her strong religious beliefs. Dot wouldn't do this at first as her religion teaches in the 10 commandments "thou shall not kill" and dot believed she was a total moralist but she wasn't. The conflict between Dots feelings and her religion was her feelings said do it but her religion held her back telling her not to, eventually she gave in to her feelings. ...read more.


Many films express their views on religion and today's society but I feel strongly that this film pulls on heartstrings and makes us remember our religion. When I watched this film I wondered if I would ever get married and if so would it be in a church? All together this film wasn't really respectful of religious views, and made a mockery of weddings and funerals today, and how they no longer have any meaning. (352 words) Section B Over this coarsework I have realised that there are many more religious programmes on than I thaught. On the programmes I realised that they are mainly aimed at the older generation with the exceptions of films and soap operas. Most of the characters in the tv programmes are older and theyre more mature whereas in films theyare aimed at younger people with younger people involved. I have drawn up a list of religious characters in programmes today and weather theyre out oftouch or in touch with modern society:- * Dot Cotton- older and doesn't relate to the younger generation her moral issue had a more mature look and was dealt with in a dignified way. Evan though her actions didn't agree with religion I believe she is a good role model. * Charles- in touch with the younger generation although he is middle aged. Not a good role model as he chooses not to marry in the film. * Carrie- young sees marrige as a show but is in touch with themodern society because she is young and made mistakes we may well make. Not a good role model. ...read more.

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