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Religion and the Media

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Religion and the Media RS Coursework 04/02/03 Media is the foundation of communication, knowledge, news, and entertainment. It influences our lives in many different ways that cannot be imagined. Media is based on what we see on the television and how we corporate it into our lives, daily. Media is considered to play important roles in people's lives as it expands the way people think and therefore it effects decisions people make. Media plays a very important part in society because it keeps us aware of the News, which can help us be aware of murderers and robbers among everything else so that we can prevent those sorts of situations from occurring in the future. Furthermore, media makes people feel conscious by expressing several points of view that can evidently play a very important role in society. ...read more.


In effect, broadcasting religions over media does then mean that being offensive to other religions can not happen as it can easily cause conflicts between people or even countries as the past can tell. Broadcasting religion sensitively can therefore encourage people to respect everyone and anyone the same as each other. Ideally, there should not be any form of racism anywhere around the world and if it means that people who are part of the media have to be extra aware of not being offensive, it is a far better solution to overcome religious and ethnic differences. When watching terrestrial TV channels on Sundays (in particular), many religious programmes are shown. Two Examples of this would be 'Heaven and Earth' and 'Songs of Praise'. Both programmes are different as 'Heaven and Earth' is directly based on religious issues in a multi-religious view whereas 'Songs of Praise' deals with Christian religious issues. ...read more.


The fact that the show uses a magazine style format means that many viewers will not lose interest as many different short magazine style features are involved. 'Songs of Praise' is quite different to Heaven and Earth as it is a confessional show so that Christians are able to worship on Sunday's if they do not go to Church. This show is the complete opposite to Heaven and Earth as it focussed on Christians singing Hymns and is solely for all Christians (it is a ecumenical show). However, as 'Heaven and Earth' the show uses celebrities to attract more viewers. In addition, the show even shows modern forms of worshipping so that even younger viewers become interested in watching it. Lastly, 'Songs of Praise' also discusses topical issues but the only difference is that the show is based on only exploring Christian topical issues ...read more.

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