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Religion and the media.

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Religion and the media Mark Minogue 11A 1A. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial T.V. There are many different types of religious programmes, and seeing that there is so much choice over the five terrestrial channels, the importance of religious television has started to drop. An example of a religious programme is a magazine show. The typical features of a magazine show are a presenter, comments on a variety of different issues relating to religion and faith, interviews with celebrities as well as personal stories from ordinary people. An example of a magazine show is "The Heaven and Earth Show", normally shown around mid-day on a Sunday on channel BBC 2. The audience of this programme I thought would be of an old age, and would be people who are very religious, whereas after watching the show, I saw that there was no specific target audience, as the audience was people of all ages. The show concentrates on four main things, reviews, interviews, news and a viewer phone session. 1B. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt within a TV soap opera. For this I have decided to explain a religious and moral issue that has been dealt with in the soap opera, "EastEnders". ...read more.


They both have different ways on how to live your life and how things are done. In "East is East" arranged marriages are displayed in a negative manner, the three younger men who are obliged to marry someone who they have never met before and this is why they dread the day of the wedding. They wish they could choose who they marry be able to have that free choice. The father kind of contradicts his religion and the whole arranged marriage thing when he is married to a white women of a different race. Arranged marriage is a very frequent way of marrying in certain Asian communities, as the parents are stereotypically more strict and believe that it is their responsibility to marry off their own children. The eldest son, who the father tries to wed, runs away as he is homosexual and is too scared to own up to his dad, as he would be ashamed of him. Thus, he runs away on the day of his wedding, which just embarrasses his father even more. Then the next son rebels against his father, and this father beats him and his mother, because of this he moves out. The main themes of the film are religion, family, relationships and life in general and I think these are portrayed very well and show that these are the things that matter in life. ...read more.


Furthermore, a magazine show such as "The Heaven and Earth show" discusses some important issues regarding religion, and also displays religious views on a certain topic. This show does not display religious people as out of touch with the modern world, because the presenters use modern day techniques on the show, like phone in sessions, where they give out advice to callers. In "The Heaven and Earth Show" celebrities are also interviewed, and seeing that they are classed as role models of the modern world, the show does not display religious people as out of touch with the modern world. Conclusively, I believe that the idea of illustrating religious people as "out of touch" with society is dying out amongst broadcasters, and that they have now started to depict religious people as "in touch" with society, in the modern shows, to attract more audiences. The fact that no other religions are shown on television is understandable, seeing that people of a certain society may find such programmes a little dull for their interests, and broadcasters have a main aim of scoring top marks on the rating of their programmes. My personal point of view is that if the producers of religious shows can somehow include a variety of religions into the modern world and show them fitting in well, this would be an enormous accomplishment. ...read more.

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