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Religion and the Media.

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Religion and the Media The media is seen as being a very influential part of life. With one half and hour television show or one newspaper article it has the ability to change peoples views and opinions of things. This is why it is important for the Media to present things in an unbiased and non-stereotypical way. This is shown in films, newspapers and television. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels: There is a wide range of television programmes broadcast every day. Although religion is used as an issue in soaps and comedies, there are very few specifically religious programmes broadcast. Most of the religious programmes are broadcast on a Sunday, this is probably because Sunday is seen as the Holy Day, the Sabbath to Christians. On Sunday mornings the 'Heaven and Earth' show is aired on BBC1. This deals with moral and religious issues. They debate modern concerns and have guest appearances. The presenters ask for feedback via e-mail and telephones. This programme is aimed at adults but not necessarily religious people as some maybe interested in the moral debates. 'My favourite hymns' is shown on ITV. This allows celebrities to choose their favourite hymns and a church choir or a solo artist sings them. The words are shown at the bottom of the screen so people at home can sing along. ...read more.


'The Daily Telegraph' showed the view of being against legalising euthanasia. They used a lot of quotes from experts who were against legalising euthanasia, for example Dr Richard Lamerton said ''Mr Pretty is in fact asking for permission to kill his suffering wife.'' This represents the view of many people who are against legalising euthanasia, as they see it as murdering the person who wants to die. Christians might take this view as one of the Ten Commandments is ''Thou shalt not kill'' and so if euthanasia was legalised Christians would have to view t as being wrong in God's eyes even if it is legal. Also Christians believe that God is the only one who should make the decision about death, so even the person who wants to commit suicide is seen as being wrong. This article differed from more socialist papers like 'The Guardian', which took a less biased attitude towards the situation. They use actual quotes from Diane Pretty like "I just want my rights." And "grant me this last wish and allow me a say in how I die." They put points forward which argued for both sides, but tended to agree with Mrs Pretty's views. After she had died they wrote "Diane Pretty has died after suffering the very breathing difficulties she had fought to be spared." This is very much showing sympathy for Mrs Pretty and shows a lot of compassion for her. ...read more.


Ashley from 'Emerdale' is one of the main characters though and even after going through a divorce and being a single parent he is still respected by all the other residents of the village. Television also broadcasts pop awards, when artists such as Britney Spears, N*Sync and Christina win. They always thank God for their talent and are all religious. These people are most definitely not seen as being out of touch with the modern world as they are idols to lots of children and teenagers. However there are some exceptions such as Emily Bishop from 'Coronation Street' and Dot Cotton from 'Eastenders'. Dot is seen as being old fashioned in the way she thinks and the way she dresses. An example of this is when Sonia and Gus decide to redecorate the house for her while she is on holiday. When Gus's brother buys the wrong furniture Sonia describes it as being '1950's shelter style' but Dot loves it. Despite this she still has very good advice for people using her religion and life experiences to help her. Emily is also seen as being very old fashioned and people often like to take advantage of her kindness. When documentaries are shown about religion they are usually show a range of Christians. This is so viewers are not shown the stereotypical Christian, who is old, wears knitted jumpers and never has any fun! So overall television programmes do not show Christians as being out of date, which is important so people don't get the wrong idea about religion and Christianity. Sarah Springthorpe ...read more.

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