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Religion And The Media.

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Religion And The Media. There aren't many religious programs on terrestrial TV but those that there are, are listed below along with the times and day: - The Heaven and Earth Show can be seen at 10: 00 on a Sunday morning. Everyman is returning soon to the BBC, March 2002. This is a program about an exorcist. Songs of Praise, which often varies in time, but is usually on at 05: 45 on a Sunday afternoon. There is a child's programme called 'The Storykeeper.' This program talks about the Romans and the Jews, during a war, when Jesus was present. It is based on a man called Athicus who is a carriage driver, and journeys around the world with a family and on the way to their destination, tells them of stories about Jesus, and God. ...read more.


The Radio- live chat programmes on religious topics, concerning other people's views, where people can phone up and give their advice etc... The TV- these programmes are stated above. I watched Songs Of Praise last week and it was based in RAF Kinloss on the Moray Firth, an Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre, which coordinates communication between emergency services, such as helicopters, lifeboats, and the police. During the filming of the programme, a helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth with the filming crew on board was called to a report of a distress flare near Inverness. and then later to Ben Nevis where people had been crying out for help. It turns out that a fisherman had had a heart attack over 200miles off of the Irish Coast. When they got him out safely, they took him to hospital, before returning home safely to Kinloss, three days after the first call. ...read more.


Gordonstoun School provided the viewers with both the musicians for the hymns and the choir for Psalm 23. This was a favourite place for Prince Charles when he was young, and on the walls hangs a framed not on the value of the time he sent there, and what he thought of it. Below is a list of the Hymns sung on the programme Sunday afternoon, it was scheduled at 05:45, but was on at 07:45 due to the African Nations Cup. Here I am Lord by Daniel L Schutte, Common ground number 50. Psalm 23, to the Vicar Of Dibley theme tune. Novello published this as a piece of sheet music, instead of being in a hymnbook. Psalm 121, I to the Hills by Tune French. Thy Hand O God has guided by Tune Thornbury. Lean on Me by Bill Withers, sung by Matthew Little. The RAF Hymn How great Thou Art, a Russian hymn, Swedish melody common ground number 53. ...read more.

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