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Religion and the media.

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Maleeha Ahmad 11A Section A: (1) There are 3 main categories of specifically religious programmes. There are worship programmes such as 'Songs of Praise', magazine programmes such as 'Heaven & Earth Show' including various religious chat shows and also religious documentaries such as 'Everyman', 'Heart of the Matter' and 'Witness.' A lot of these programmes are appealing to the majority of people because they concern religious issues. When TV first began, religious broadcasts were aimed at an audience that went to church regularly and accepted all traditional Christian beliefs. At that time there were very few believers in other religions. However religious broadcasting has changed and so has the target audience. Society has become more secular and so religious broadcasting is now aimed at the vaguely religious. They believe in God and that life has a purpose, but only go to church for rights of passage. There are some programmes aimed at the committed religious audience e.g. 'Songs of Praise,' programmes at Easter and those for religious festivals e.g. Diwali, Ramadan - Eid. They cannot devote a lot of the time to programmes for the ethnic minorities who only count for 5% of the population. The BBC has to attract at least 20% of those watching T.V at any one time. ...read more.


She told Dot that she would take them all at once when the right time came. Horrified, Dot took the bag away from her and told her how wrong she thought Ethel's intentions were. Dot is a Christian and a very religious person; she felt that God would punish suicide or assisted suicide. Over a period of time, Ethel repeatedly begged Dot to give her the morphine tablets and to help her, when the time came to finish her life when she wanted - surrounded by friends and still with her right mind. Dot refused. After a party at 'The Vic', Ethel decided that she wanted to 'go'. She had enjoyed herself, she had had a drink with her friends and now she felt she was getting physically worse. She pleaded with Dot who eventually gave in and gave her the morphine tablets. By the morning Ethel was dead. Afterwards, and particularly after the funeral, Dot became guilt ridden and Pauline Fowler and other friends could not understand why Dot and taken it so badly. Dot felt she had committed murder and deserved to be punished. She felt that God would punish her and that she would never go to heaven to be re-united with her deceased husband. ...read more.


A man, who if you saw him on the street you would point to your friends so that they could join you in mocking him. A man if you saw him while you were eating, you wouldn't be able to finish your meal." Wrath, the opposite would be apathy. In balance anger is protective, a protective device of the self to guard what one loves. Mills was wrathful at John Doe because he had killed Tracy. He shot him, and now his life is destroyed. He has no family anymore, no job either and at best he will spend the rest of his life in jail. Or he might be sentenced to the death penalty. Sloth in its original meaning is akin to despair. Sloth is to look upon the wonder of goodness of creation and turn our backs. Sloth is a rejection of the joy and goodness of life. A homosexual drug-dealer was tied to his bed and barely fed for one year. The killer took samples from his body. He took one picture every week to show his decay. SLOTH was written above his head. Actually, when they find him, he isn't dead yet, but he isn't much alive either. Rain is associated with death. As a matter of fact, it is raining most of the time in the film. ...read more.

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