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Religion and the media Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels

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Option 1 - Religion and the media Ai.) Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels. A religious programme is where different views on religious and non-religious matters are discussed, such as, rites of passage. The types of programmes on these channels are: religious broadcasts, TV documentaries, films, and magazine style programmes. A 'magazine style' programme, is where everyday news, issues, and interviews are looked at. It has a varied presentation and celebrities attracting people to it. The 'Heaven and Earth show' is a 'magazine' style programme, the target audience is adults and the elderly, they may be religious but unable to attend church. The general pattern was: the welcoming which involved the presenter saying what was going to happen on the show, for example, Hayley Westerna coming to sing. The audience may enjoy the programme as it wasn't purely for or about religious people. Another type of religious programme is a religious broadcast/worship type programme this is usually classed as a programme where the viewer can join in at home and sing and pray the same as they would in church. An example of this is 'Songs of Praise', this began with the hymn "Crown him with many crowns." ...read more.


Some other Christians may have agreed with the way that Ethel's life ended as then she would not have had to suffer. The producer may have chose this issue because there are family's everyday that have to deal with the issue of cancer, and some that may be related to a situation like Dot and Ethel. If it was left with me to decide the way that it was presented then I would have shown how pain and stress could be dealt with if Ethel had been put into an hospice. Aiii.) Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme has been dealt with in a film or television drama. Film: Bruce Almighty In the film Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey there are a number of religious themes shown. When Bruce meets God, which I'm sure a lot of Christians would want to do, this shows a miracle and means that he is privileged. Bruce is also honoured when God gave him part of his powers. Bruce then hears peoples prayers going through his head. I have chosen to describe and explain the theme of prayer and problems of prayer. In Bruce Almighty we hear the prayers in Bruce's head, this has been included in the film to show the amount of people that pray and ask God for things. ...read more.


In the episode 'The Window And The Weather' the church window is broken and they discuses getting a new one with a more modern design. The vicar talks about something such as dinosaurs and states that the Noah Ark design was old. However, they couldn't decide what they were going to do and had trouble raising money to do either. They called a meeting to discuss ways to raise money. The vicar had a modern approach, she 'wheeled and deal' to get the money, but the rest of the committee who wanted to keep the old original design, didn't really help. People may say that they wanted to keep the original design as it was more to do with God, others may say that they should keep the old design as there was more truth in it. Eventually they came to an arrangement and put in a clear window so that they could look out and see the world that God had created. I think that this shows a modern approach and is a very nice idea, because it showed they had a mutual agreement that was pleasant and thoughtful. When there was a disaster able they only raised �11 to help. This shows that they are out of touch and more concerned in themselves then reaching in there pockets to help others. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Thomas PTE CW ...read more.

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