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Religion and the Media. Richard Dawkins documentary, root of all evil The God delusion, speaks out against the concept of religion

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a. Richard Dawkin?s documentary, root of all evil ? The God delusion, speaks out against the concept of religion and those who practice it. In this documentary, he presents his case while interviewing multiple people and analyzing key points of different belief systems. He presents how religion is hampering scientific progress, and the danger of the narrow mindedness of religious people. Some of his points include how wars are started due to religion, how people take the Bible?s word to the extreme and use it to justify murder and the dangers presented in following something he believes to be akin to mythology. ...read more.


He concludes that religion is the cause of many of the problems we have today and that our world would be a much easier place to live in if religion was abolished. b. There is nothing in this documentary that will lead to belief in God. c. Some parts that may have encouraged people not to believe in God include the negative images and words that Richard Dawkins showed to be from the Bible, which could disillusion some people, the interviews with some of the extremists which would turn off some people, the factual claims he presents that will disprove some of the beliefs, and lastly his showing of ...read more.


It also taught me that I should leave logic and science away from religion because the negative effects of this system are seen, and the bias is clearly shown in the way that the Catholic children were taught as well as the way some people continue to not believe in evolution. It showed me that I must be discerning with the parish that I am in because some may try to influence its flock in a negative way. It taught me that religion should not stand in the way of progress unlike what is done by some secular religious groups. ...read more.

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