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RELIGION AND THE MEDIA Specifically religious programmes are those created by television channels and religions, to portray an image of

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RELIGION AND THE MEDIA Specifically religious programmes are those created by television channels and religions, to portray an image of what they are, what they believe in, their philosophy and the selling of their idea and faith to the audience. This is done to promote and convert people to follow a religious ideology or faith to be able to share values and morals, and make society better. They are also created to inform people and give opinion and advice on moral and religious issues. Another purpose for the broadcasting of specifically religious programmes is to benefit all those people who are physically unable to attend church. The main idea of this worship programme is to bring the church to the people instead of the people going to the church; with this aim we have programmes such as "Songs of Praise" which conduct a church service with inspirational music performances and true stories. During the week, television channels have created a "God slot, in which religious programmes can be shown to the public, and are mostly aired at night or on Sunday afternoons. This is because on this day most Christians dedicate their time to practice their religion. According to the TV guide for the 4 national channels, we can see that the religions with most popularity are Christianity and Islam; there are programmes with discussion and debating involved or alternatively worship and adoration programmes with focus around these religions. The times and days of the week mostly depend on the religion, content and target audience. If the program is Christian it's very likely to be shown on a Sunday, as this day is dedicated for the purpose of worshipping God and resting from a long week of work or study. However if it is a Muslim programme it is likely to be in the late night hours of the night, due to the low number of people who are followers of this religion, and the low number of audiences. ...read more.


As a wide population of the country belongs to different parts of the world, it becomes very appropriate for the producers to include news and interesting facts on current affairs and to select particular religious groups to inform and teach their viewers on their fundamental beliefs. There is the "Heaven and Earth show" at 10:00 AM, which is a religious magazine programme with 2 presenters and a phone in. They debate, discuss and sometimes give advice on spiritual issues that are not directly linked to religious ones. However we can't assume that this program is atheist because on numerous occasions we see that they refer to religion when focusing on a certain theme or issue. This program has a very contemporary format and occasionally experiences drastic changes to its appearance and presenters, this aspect of the program makes the show seem updated and open to everyone as it does not have a certain set up or look. This programme may sometimes seem to someone as liberal because it discusses on moral issues that may not appeal to all viewers. Therefore the target audience for magazine programmes has to be people who do not possess strong moral values and are open minded with regards to highly controversial issues in today's society. In my opinion some specifically religious programmes are effective in presenting their information in an open way that all people can be able access and understand easily. However it's relevance to today's society makes me think that its not as effective, because with some worship programmes, the ideologies and themes are dated and often seem pious and conservative, which does not appeal to society's ideal religious programme . Targeting religion day by day is becoming more difficult in people's minds because they aren't very interested in spiritual developments as much as they are in their personal achievements, such as a successful career, a nice car, or an expensive house. ...read more.


because some may have been fairly affected by its contents an may feel the need to search for a security or protection in the practise of a particular faith, most likely to be the catholic one. However the film not only treats the issue of demonic possession but also the culpability of a catholic priest that ends up being accused guilty of the death of Emily Rose. The issue of exorcism in this film may contradict with the different beliefs of other Christian branches. This is because some Christians may have different experiences or opinions in the subject of exorcism. In the scientific background the need for an exorcism in this particular case of Emily Rose, was completely unnecessary, this is because they assumed that she could've been treaded medically and be cured but she preferred Fr Moore to exorcise her, and consequently this is why he is believed to be responsible for her death. "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world" do you agree? I don't agree with the statement because I feel that television should have a variety of different types of programs to appeal to every type of audience. Perhaps some specifically religious programmes may be a bit obsolete because of their content or form of expressing their views on different modern day issues, but this is obviously to expect from a religious programme. It's like comparing a horror movie to reality, it's not very likely that the things which happen in the movie will happen to us in the real world, but it is more than certain that you will watch horror scenes if you pay to watch this type of film. Also if television may present religious people as out of touch from the real world may be because these people have chosen to live this type of life and have opted to diffuse this belief through the media. I don't think that television is directly responsible for portraying them in this way. ...read more.

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