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Religion and Wealth and Poverty.

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Religious Education Coursework Religion and Wealth and Poverty Section A ( i ) Christians are generally not against wealth in the church. Many good Christians in the history of the church were wealth people. Christians are sometimes in favour with wealth. Wealthy people can contribute to these assorted charities. But the general comment on Christians and wealth is; Christians don't mind money, it is the love of money Christians is bad. So Christian who can not part with his money is a bad Christian. Bible Teaching; The bible has large range of sources and quotes on how a Christian should treat and use money. The parable of the Rich young man is a good example , Mark 10:17-31. This rich young man obeyed all the ten commandants and was looking for an answer to eternal life. When Jesus said , 'Go sell everything you have and give to the poor' in turn the young man, ' went away sad, because he had great wealth' This story therefore represents, that the love of money is evil. This message is also brought across in Matthew 6: 19-24, Treasures in Heaven, it reads, 'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth.' 'But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven' In this story it also gives a deep meaning about the ways of money. This story is trying to say that it is not important that you become successful on earth e.g. lots of riches. ...read more.


This way, they will have a chance of developing further. Cancellation of debt will also be a good way of helping these countries develop. But this would up to the World Bank. Jubilees 2000 is also another organisation which aims to help these developing and less developing countries. It is a global campaign to cancel the unplayable debts of the world's poorest countries. In Britain Jubilee 2000 is a Coalition of 100 organisations including Cafod. Nearly 37 countries in Africa owe a total of 400 Billion Dollars either the world's wealthiest countries or the World Bank. The world's wealthiest countries are; Japan, U.S.A, G.B, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy. Collectively they are known as the G7 but together they have the power to cancel debts. So all developed countries who have debts are in the hands of those countries. But there are so many other examples of companies that help in the fight for world development. Such as fair-trade who correlate with small businesses and sell their producing and giving them the profit. Even the simple collection of money in church can make a difference. Money needed has to be raised by the public. Speakers are the people that persuade them. So five-minute talks in a school hall can also make a difference. Also special programs like sponsored runs etc. can raise a lot of money and can be given to the various charities. Section A (iii) For this section I have chosen a charity agency called Cafod. ...read more.


The world today is a different place. The economy is different and our society has different views on religion. Anyway if all rich people gave up their money to the poor all it would do would reverse the fortune and world would be back to square one. People with money are important because they provide a lot of employment and they also have the means to help people in need. Communism, an equal community has been tried and tested. It does not work. Also our society today is different. It costs a lot to survive in this world. Debt, food, tax and transport are some of the many examples. And finally it is not Jesus' responsibility to care for the poor, it is the job of the government to provide services and care for its community. Finally some people/Christians might not say yes or no but maybe. They are inclined to say this because mainly it is not about how rich the Christian is, it is about their attitude towards their money and religion. So a person like the rich young man Mk 10 17-31 who cannot part with their money are bad Christians. But a person who does not care particularly for their money but spend it in a responsible manner is a good Christian. A parable that illustrates this is Timothy chapter 6: 3-10 'For love of money is a root of all kind of evil' 'But if we have food and clothing we will be content.' So here Jesus has said that having money is fine if it helps you survive, but not being able to live without it is unchristian. ...read more.

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