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Religion & God

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Religion, it's a word that is upheld too much in my opinion. People are always bothering about what Religion you are, it's a part of your identity, they say, it's who you are. The definition of Religion according to the Oxford Definition is... A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that controls human destiny. If that's all Religion is about then why does it matter so much? If all we're doing is believing strongly in a power that controls human destiny then why makes it part of your identity? ...read more.


People fight over God all the time, it's become so common. First you have the Christians, preaching everyone and saying that Jesus is the one true God and all the other Religions are fake. Next you have the Muslims, saying that Allah is the only way and all those who think otherwise will go to hell. Last you have the Jewish, who claim to others that they are God's chosen people and because of this they suddenly feel better than the rest of the human race. ...read more.


God, whoever he might be to you, wants us all to be happy and take care of the Earth he created for us to live in. We've already messed that up with global warming and greenhouse gasses. We kill, rape, steal, abuse, and do many other things God never intended for us to do. I know humans aren't perfect and God knows this but crime rates, at least where I come from are increasing every day. Why can't we fulfill at least one of his wishes and live as one; unity is strength. Isn't it better to be as one? ...read more.

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