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Religion in Britain

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Religion in Britain name: zheng jun student number: 3040511072 class:0403 Table of contents: Introduction History review The English Reformation The religious problem in history The general situation of religion in Britain The institution and the relationship with government The impact of religion The nowadays situation Conclusion Reference Introduction: Religion has always played an important part in People's daily life in Britain. It will be very helpful when we study the Britain. So this passage is going to talk about religion in Britain, include history, impact and so on. History review: The English Reformation In the 15th century, the plague and the war created confusion in European. A lot of people died. More and more people turn to Churches for help. But the corruption in the Churches made people distrust them. And the first Religious Reformation burst out in Germany. Britain was a Catholic country at that time, soon after the reformation in Germany, the doctrines of the Lutheran Church spread to Britain. At the same time, there was request for reformation in the Catholicism. But, in Britain, the monarchical power was the threat to Catholicism. The monarchical power in Britain became stronger since the 15th century. Henry VII got the middle class's support, and he brought the nobles and parliament under control. ...read more.


And there are a number of organizations exist which seek to develop relations between different religious in Britain, such as Inter-Faith Network for the United kingdom, Council of Christians and Jews and so on. The institution and the relationship with government The Church of England has its own management system. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Primate of all England, that is to say, he is the spiritual leader of the Church of England. After him, the Archbishop of York is called the Primate of England and under these to archbishops come a number of bishops. England is divided into forty-two districts called dioceses, each with a bishop in charge and a cathedral as the central church. A diocese is divided into smaller districts called parishes. These vary in size, a large town having a number of parishes and a village being a single parish. Each parish is in the care of a priest, who is called either a vicar or a rector. A vicar with a large parish may have an assistant priest called a curate to help him. But it's not an individual system; it also has something related with government. Here are some examples of the relationship between the established Church and the State. ...read more.


Christmas Day is to celebrate the birth of 'Iesous. The Good Friday is to commemorate the days. 'Iesous was on cross. And the Easter is to commemorate 'Iesous coming back to life. The nowadays situation On Oct. 27th, 2004, the educational minister promulgated an outline on religious education. It's the first national one. It demands students that, they should learn some unfamiliar religion, and the common and conflicts between different religions. The government thinks, religious education can change the evaluation of students, can broad their sights of the world. It can support a series of abundant experiences; can help students to realize their beliefs positively. But there are also some people against it. They think this outline teaches students that "The superstition is the base of reasonable life." However, more and more students choose the Religious Class. Though government wants to improve the situation, it is under our expectation. The different religions are going to live separately. And the situation that different religions don't communicate with each other is more serious now. This will cause new conflicts. Conclusion: As we all know, in the Middle East, religious conflict is the main reason of their wars. It warns us that we should pay attention to it and handle the conflicts properly. Reference: http://www.letart.com/english/xfds.//01101 http://www.kc100.com.dzkw/jyqb/showedutext.asp?key:4641 Cultural Background for English Study: Britain and Australia (The Third Edition) ???? ????? ??????? Images of British and American Culture and Society ????? ????????? ?????? ????? ??????? ...read more.

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