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Religion in T.V

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For my coursework I will write about a documentary, a religious style show and a magazine style show.

The documentary I watched is called ‘The Multi-storey Miracle.’ It was about a boy that was hit by a three-foot piece of scaffolding in Wakefield from twelve storeys up. The seven year old boy lay unconscious at his father’s feet. When the boy was submitted to hospital the family sought a reverend to give them support he was called Geoff. Simon, the boy hit by the scaffolding was critical with a cracked skull. The reverend sought community help on Simon’s behalf. The community prayed for him. Soon after, the boy recovered shock hit everyone. Simon believes that it was a miracle he lived. However his doctor believes it was luck and Simon would have to be perfect to class it as a miracle as Simon suffers slight vision difficulties. The programme asks if god does perform miracles in the modern world and if you believe in miracles such as ‘The Multi-storey Miracle.’

The second show I watched was a magazine style show called ‘The Heaven and Earth Show.’ Some of the features were: ‘News Headlines’, where headlines of newspapers are discussed. Another feature was ‘Dream On’ a debate on whether dreams predicted the future. This featured an interview with author J.P.Taylor and a psychologist. Another feature was about a Thai-chi getaway. However the main feature was an interview with Elijah Wood, who is a star in Lord of the Rings and Green Street. He was asked questions such as why he played the role that he did in Green Street. He said tht it is because he is interested in the fact that football hooliganism is a real problem in peoples lives and wanted a change. He also said there are similarities with Lord of the Rings, such as action, friendship and family. He as then asked if hooligans are evil. Elijah believed it was just something everyone had inside of them and that its easy to get swept away with the crowd, however it’s not justifiable but emotions take them over. Elijah said he owed his career to his mum for his good upbringing and not being allowed to grow up too fast.

The third was a religious programme called ‘Songs of Praise.’ It included features such as songs, readings and an interview about a man who lives in Blackpool and used to live a life clouded by crime, drugs and violent gangs. However when he sought religious help he stopped his unsocial lifestyle and swapped it for a more casual lifestyle. Then he found out he had a younger brother who was living a lifestyle similar to how Steve used to live his. Steve tried to persuade his brother to go to church. However he refused but Steve didn’t stop. Then  after a while Steve’s brother went to church and turned his life around as well. An example of this story is the parable of the parable of the sewer. The sewer plants seeds on the rocks but they are scorched by the sun and die, so the sewer plants the seeds in fertile soil and they grow and multiply 100 times. The final feature was the songs there were two styles, classical which was performed with guitars and a choir and a record DJ who uses microphones and a band. Both songs show on screen lyrics and send a message to God.

The conclusion is that there are many styles of religious programme on the 4 main channels displayed in different ways, but all have a religious or morale message.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Religion in the Media section.

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