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Religion In the Media.

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Religion In The Media. Types of religious program: There are a number of worship and magazine type programmes currently shown on British TV. E.g. Songs of Praise and The Heaven and Earth Show. When TV first started most programmes were shown in the "God-slot" between Now programmes are shown at because less people seem to watch them other more popular shows have replaced them in the prime-time slot. Religious programmes are still broadcast because many people still watch them although the numbers have dropped significantly in the last few years. In programmes like Songs of Praise you are shown a church service on your TV these programmes also contain other video clips showing other church related things, e.g. an interview with a famous Christian. These types of programmes are very useful for people who are unable to attended church but would like to. Are able to view a church service at home. In Magazine type programmes (programmes which are made of many individual sections, e.g. a cooking section and religious section, like in a magazine) like the Heaven and Earth Show you are able to see many different articles about different things, e.g. Children's views about religion. In these types of show different sections are aimed at different age groups. ...read more.


I think that this particular soap deals with the issue of prostitution very well showing how young children can be forced into things that they don't want to do if they are desperate. I think that the soap deals with it well and I think that it would make some children think twice before running away from home. I do not think the way they dealt with the issue of prostitution would offend many people. Therefore I think that soaps are a very good way to deal with religious issues because they reach a large audience. They generally deal with the issues in a good way that helps people to understand and relate to the characters. The only danger of soaps dealing with religious issues is that they might offend some people. But overall I think that soaps are good ways of dealing with religious issues and probably don't upset many people. Chariots Of Fire: This film examines two different peoples beliefs in a realistic and sympathetic way. The film was awarded an Oscar in 1981 for best picture. The film was given a PG (Parental guidance) certificate, which means it will be seen by a wide range of people. Vangelis composed the theme tune, which was revolutionary at the time because it used new computer driven sounds. ...read more.


Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world. Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion showing you have considered another point of view: In father Ted, Father Stone visits Ted's house, while he is there he just sits there and doesn't talk this is showing that Father Stone is out of touch and unsociable. However Father Ted is a comedy series and although it portrays vicars, as out of touch with the modern way in does it in a humorous way, so most people probably don't take it seriously. In The Vicar of Dibley the main character, played my Dawn French is a fat jolly character rather like Friar Tuck in Robin Hood. She is not the conventional image of a religious person, let alone a woman priest. Initially she seems over the top and comical. However she is portrayed at the most sensible person in the TV show amongst all the characters. In the 1st episode they are expecting a man and the male characters appear ridiculous in their reaction to her. My conclusion is that some of the time television may portray religious characters as out of touch like in Father Ted. But generally religious characters are shown to be strong and sensible characters as shown in The Vicar of Dibley. And if they do portray religious characters as out of touch it is usually done in a humorous way, which would not offend too many people. ...read more.

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