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Religion in the Media.

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Religion in the Media Introduction In the past there has traditionally been a 'God-slot' set aside on national television for religious programmes of a Christian nature. When television began the first channels were expected to have a significant input of religious programmes especially on a Sunday between 10.00am to 12.00pm and 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Clearly these are times when people would usually attend Church and so these programmes, often showing recordings of Church services, would cater for those who could not attend. Possibly due to the steady decline in Church attendance ITV abandoned the 'God-slot' in 1994 in favour of ordinary programmes. However, BBC1 still show Songs of Praise on Sunday evenings between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. The changing religious landscape in Britain has also been reflected in the type of religious programmes on television. Although interest in spiritual matters remains high Britain is no longer considered a solely Christian country by many but has a more multi-faith dimension to it with religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism becoming more established here in recent years. I have chose to analyse the religious and moral issues in the TV soap coronation street. ...read more.


that this material he has been buying for the last few months is not there he will realise what is going on. So to prevent mike from doing this Joe is planning to fake a break in to the factory The film I am going to talk about is the film east is east I have chosen the film because of the strong religious is shown in a comical light. The general story is about a family from Pakistan in the 1960s where the family is torn apart by two worlds the strong religious society of the strong Hindu way of life and the life of the British The main story is about the father who believes in all the traditions including the one about arranged marriages so he tries to arrange marriages for two of his sons but when they find out the are so scared of there father that they at first agree to go along with it. The siblings of the traditional Pakistan dad and the common British woman the family lives two lives except the father who sees everything in black and white and doesn't see that is children want to live the British way. ...read more.


But I do think there is a category that society expects religious people to fall into which is old people who are very much out of touch with modern life and technology they expect religious people to be like this because most modern religious people are into everything that non religious people so we don't see them as religious. I do think that most religious characters in TV dramas today are outdated and very few who are actually like this in real life I say this because I don't know anyone personally who is like Dot cotton (eastenders). Most religious people in Britain now are just like anyone who is not religious. I have considered that all of the religious people on TV that I know are out of touch but I can name plenty of religious people with light hearted views on life for example the vicar of dibley which is one of the most light hearted comedies about religion on TV. This view may hinder peoples looking into the religious world because of the way that religious people are shown by the media ROBERT PAUL WEBB ...read more.

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