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Religion & Media.

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Religion & Media Course-Work ai) Describe the variety of specific religious programmes on the four main TV channels. ai) The programmes broadcasted on TV for channels 1-4, are: Sunday morning this is on channel 3 it includes a whole service broadcasted from a church about 11:00 am, The Heaven and Earth show is broadcasted by the BBC on Sunday mornings. It is like religious daytime TV, Song of praise is on BBC 1 it's the main worship channel. Hymn singing and talks about how religion changes lives. This is broadcasted at Sunday teatime, Everyman this is broadcasted an the BBC 1 at 10:30 am on Sundays and some Mondays it is about people converting religions and BBC 1 and channel 3 sometimes have short runs of religious magazine programmes such as this is the day. Both ITV and BBC now also produce meditation type programme (usually fairly late on weeknights rather than on a Sundays) whenever there is a religious festival for Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or Sikhism. These programmes tend to focus an members of the faith living in Britain and what the festival means for them. In a week religious programmes come on TV approximately 6 hours a week for channels 1, 2, 3 and channel 4. Most of these programmes come on Sundays The religions that are mainly shown on TV are Islam and Christianity. But out of these two religions it is mainly Christianity. The programme I have chosen is Sunday mornings and Everyman. ...read more.


On the film studied; we were told about the way in which people are educated about abortion. The methods and ways it is done; posters are put up notifying people of illegal abortions, and autobiographies of women who have been pregnant at an early age, Supporter said: "we want a life with the freedom to make choices" and Amy says: I'm so close to graduating. I want to get out of this neighbourhood. We were told about peoples arguments against abortion and the book written by Reverent Flood titled; "This Unholy Massacre of Unborn Babies". We heard Amy's husbands' story where he thought the decisions should have also been his about the abortion of his unborn baby, protesters saying: "it's not your body, its God's body" and "butchers... baby killers... murderers". In other aspects the film isn't as balanced on the argument as the Christians are shown as being violent; where most Christians feel discriminated by this, But Arlene's (she is against abortion) character does come across being very peaceful. The film could have covered the issue better by not making the scenes violent and equalling the balance of arguments for and against abortion. b) "Television always presents people as out of touch with the modern world" Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, showing you have considered another point of view. B). Introduction Disagree with this quote because some presenters and characters are up-to date with the world. ...read more.


Father Jack doesn't look like a priest in this show because he is very aggressive this is due to being drunk, this guy is out of touch due to the alcohol drinking, I think he doesn't care that he is a priest. Father Dougall has no common sense he also is plain and simple, he does has no idea about fashion he is sowing the audience this by his clothing and hair style. The characters in the programme are very out of touch with the modern world. Another film is East is East. This is about an Asian Muslim family who have a white mum. They live in Salford in the North of England. The main character is the father (George Khan). George believes in arranged marriages. In a way he is up-to date because he marries a British white woman, but he also out of date due to buying old stuff for bargains and he also wants his children to have arranged marriages this is what breaks up his family by doing the old traditions. His children don't want arranged marriages and will do all they can to stop the marriages taking place. Conclusion My research shows that I disagree with the quote. I have noticed this in my research by that in comedy and cartoon programmes the characters act silly and are out of fashion, but when there is a documentary on television the characters come across as very well in touch of the modern world and what people do, say and wear. Religious Education 18/06/03 Religion & Media Course-Work Abdul K Khan 1 Miss Miller Sidney Stringer CTC ...read more.

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