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RELIGION, WEALTH AND POVERTY There is a need for world development as we have very developed countries and also not so developed countries this is why the world is divided into the rich north and the poor south. This is because of interest rates increasing so frequently not given the poor countries long enough to pay back the loan and not only that they will also have to pay back almost half again the amount they originally were loaned. ...read more.


Service's that less developed countries lack are health and safety related services. They don't even have separate bedrooms instead they have to share one room to eat sleep and go toilet in so germs are extremely easily spread. So not very safe at all. ...read more.


If there is any money left over then it should be used to buy land food and install fresh water pumps for the surrounding area. There is still a need for world development and so with help from Christians all around the world I'm convinced that we can help the LDC's live a happier and safer life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Created by Jamie Brandwood ...read more.

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