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Religion, Wealth and Poverty

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Religion, Wealth and Poverty Muslim teachings on wealth and poverty are that the poor and needy should receive zakah. Zakah is the Arabic tense which means, "To purify and to cleanse". This is why Muslims pay 2.5% of their earnings and profits once every year to the zakah funds. Zakah is known as the third pillar of Islam, so all Muslims must pay this as it is also commanded in the Quran that "The people who believe in Allah are those who offer their salah and give zakah, for them will be the reward of everlasting gardens and under the gardens will be streams running and the people will be living there forever and ever". (Surah 9: 71) Some people believe that giving Zakah is to give all your money, but giving Zakah is only 2.5% of you wealth and that is not a lot. It is like giving a couple of pounds out of hundred pounds. Wealth is a blessing that is given by Allah and so it is for the whole world, so we should remove greediness from our hearts and give money to the poor and needy. In addition to maintain a lot of wealth is not the best of ideas one could come up with, as every living man and woman on this earth is only here for a short period of time, so then having a lot of wealth will not do you any good for your life after death. ...read more.


Now more recently, time has changed and some countries, which were once regarded as poor, are now even richer than the countries, which were regarded as rich, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Brazil, Brunei, Singapore and Kuwait. These countries have found oil and other natural resources such as diamonds, crops, minerals and Gold. Brazil have a large economy of producing crops and a vast amount of beef which gets delivered internationally all around the world to famous places such as KFC, McDonalds and Burger King, so due to this, their financial problems could have been paid off. Some countries are not as rich as the West, but are no longer poverty-stricken. So now, in modern terms, people divide the world into three completely different parts. * Developed countries - rich countries like Western Europe and USA. They have military power and also have a vast amount of industrial economy; * Developing countries - countries which are slowly but surely becoming richer like Mexico, Brazil and Malaysia; * Less developed countries - Countries that are still very poor and have people starving like Mali, Sudan and Bangladesh. These countries still lack of water and food. Reasons for lack of development There are many reasons for the LCD's to be less developed. I will mention those reasons in the following paragraphs. ...read more.


Finally they say having wealth is just a test from Allah to see whether the money is being spent in the right manner, and so if this is the case then it is better being poor so that you cannot be judged on how you spent your wealth. The reason why I disagree to the above statement is because wealth is a blessing from Allah, so Allah chooses who he wants to give wealth and who he does not wish to give wealth to. I also disagree due to the fact that if there would be no rich people in this world then zakah cannot be paid. As this is necessary upon every living Muslim, how is one going to pay if there is nothing to give. Another reason why I disagree to the statement is because the rich helping the poor will not put an end to poverty due to the fact that poverty is a test from Allah. As mentioned earlier, poverty is a test from Allah in which Allah tests one's perseverance in the hour of need. It wrings out the true colours of man and, thus, his levels of patience and complacence can be seen. My final point in disagreeing is because none other than Allah can stop poverty as this will be a test till the day of judgement, which is when the righteous of all people will be rewarded. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 6 ...read more.

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