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Religion wealth and poverty the need for world development.

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Religion Wealth and Poverty The need for world development In the world today there are two types of countries. There are the more developed countries (MDC's) such as the USA and the UK. Then we have the less developed countries (LDC's) such as Bangladesh and Mali. There are also countries in the middle that are either struggling to get out of poverty or have suffered damages and losses. These two extremes outline the need for world development. Countries are becoming less developed for many reasons. * Countries are being hit with natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. An example of a country suffering from this type of threat would be Bangladesh as it is in an area that is prone to heavy floods every year. * Countries can also be split up and broken down by wars. As we look at the current situation in Pakistan and India. These two already poor countries are on the verge of war and on the verge of completely destroying their own economy and people. * Many less developed countries suffer from debt. This is where they have borrowed money from the more developed countries to build or farm crops and have not yet paid their amount off. The interest on the money is ridiculously high and this ensures the country will virtually never get out of the red. ...read more.


Please refer to John 3:17 to 3:18 and James 2:14 to 2:17 in any the Bible. Muslim Teachings on Wealth and Poverty Muslims believe that god for benefit of humanity gives wealth. Sharing wealth is not optional. This means that the Muslims think that they have wealth because god wants them to have good humanity. Wealth and Poverty Zakah means that you must give some money to others, because it purifies the money and no harm can then come from it. This means that to be sure that all of their money is free from evil they must give some to charity or another good cause. Muslims pay annually 2.5% of their income to be sure that the rest of their money is not evil. They also pay Zakah at the festival of Id ul 'Fit'l. They must also give interest free loans. Muslims go to the Mosque and they must also pay Zakah, helping the poor Muslim families and poor countries. This shows that they are caring for the poorer people that are not as well of as they are. They also carry out this process to rid the money of evil as well. The work of a religious agency working for world development For this particular section of my coursework I have chosen to use Christian Aid as my subject. ...read more.


Many religions would disagree with this quote as they have both rich and poor believing in the same god. It would be biased for a poor person to agree with the quote and a rich person to disagree. On the other hand I do agree with the quote because the world would be a much better place if the world shared its wealth with all countries and people alike. There would be no LDC's and MDC's all countries would be interdependent with each other. The starving would no longer be hungry and the homeless will no longer have no place to stay. There would be no superior western hemisphere compared to the east. But yet again this would be and impossible and unrealistic conclusion to draw as the chances of this fairy tale coming true is slim to none. As a conclusion I can say that I agree with the quote knowing that it will possibly never happen or until I become rich. There are so many argumentative cases that this questions holds that if it were to come true I don't think that world would live in harmony as either way someone somewhere is losing out. It seems that it is "every man for himself" and that is the way it will be. Neel Joshi Religious Education Coursework Religion Wealth and Poverty Coursework - Page 1 ...read more.

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