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Religion: Wealth & Poverty

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Religion: Wealth & Poverty (i) Outline Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty. A catholic is someone who has been baptised into the faith of Catholicism. 'Catholic' originating from the word Cataholis which is from the Greek language meaning 'all are welcome'. That is exactly what the church do, they are meant to reach out to people of all languages and welcome them into there way of life. The love of money is the root of all evil, money will eventually turn into an obsession which follows on by evil because an obsessed person will do anything to get what they are obsessed about at any cost. The catholic teaching on wealth and poverty is the people who are wealthy are to use there wealth not only to help themselves but to help others as well who are not as fortunate as them. For a catholic to become a person of wealth, they must acquire this wealth by lawful and just ways the reason for this is when acquiring wealth the wealth must not be taken from less fortunate people. The apostles led a life of poverty but led a truly Catholic life, living a life of poverty does not mean to give up everything you possess but to share the wealth you have with the people who need it. ...read more.


In this question I intend to discuss the Catholic charity Cafod and the work they do for world development. Cafod are a world wide known Catholic charity working towards developing less economically developed countries (LEDCs), they aim to bring a just situation so everyone has a fair share. Tackling poverty is important to Cafod, they don't only tackle poverty by themselves but work in partnership with local people who they are working with. Cafod also works with people in England and Wales, helping people understand what causes (LEDCs) and the possible ways to help such as voluntary work, youth work, school programmes and parishes. Cafod makes many campaigns throughout years to the worst crises and to the people who need it the most. Cafod may be a Catholic charity but they don't just help Catholics but help people of all nations, colours, races or religions. This ties in with the meaning of the word of catholic 'all are welcome' Cafod are living up to there name by helping all people. Cafod has been helping people through the ages: * 1960 - National board of Catholic Women organises the first fast day. * 1962 - Catholic bishops of England and Wales set up the Catholic fund overseas development - CAFOD. Cafod don't just help people directly but also help people by the environment they live in. ...read more.


but however it also makes me think if I did not have any problems all problems would go but that is not the truth. When people become so rich they have no financial problems and could afford almost anything they want, they do not know what to do with the money; so they get bored and do not know what to do. Some people go as far as taking drugs to entertain there rich yet dull lives. In a Marxist society, communities would work together and help each other in finance among other things. Every person within the community would have there part to play; working together to support each other and not just themselves, this would almost eliminate loneliness greed. I must admit I am motivated by money through the society I live in and my upbringing, but I can see living in an equal society has many positive sides to it. Working together to support each other and following Catholic teachings by imitating the apostles of the past. My conclusion is although living in a society driven by money I agree with living in a world of poverty where people share wealth rather than take it away from each other. As long as people are living in poverty there should be no rich people, but that is only in an ideal world. Shahmoz Rafiq Page 1 1,367 Words ...read more.

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