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Islam Spread Rapidly

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How Did Islam Spread So Rapidly? I went through various different websites on the internet trying to find out why Islam was spread so rapidly, I found so many diverse answers, but the most answer that I kept on finding was 'The Sword'. The sword is when Muslims give non-Muslims two options, either they convert to Islam or they have to face death. Some believed that Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, was a violent man, who forced non Muslims into Islam. They also believe that Early Islam was less tolerant to other religions, other than that they believe that Arabs and Muslims in General hated Christians and Jews, and wanted them to Vanish from earth. ...read more.


In the Western Civilization volume one book, starting from page 252 it speaks about how Islam was spread. It states that Islam was spread because of its harmony and tolerance also because of the Prophet Muhammad great personality, and not to forget about the holy wars and Abu Baker. Those had a huge impact on non Muslims who converted to Islam. The message of Islam in early days was rapidly spread through the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, West Africa, East Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, India, Western China, and the Malay Archipelago. They all converted to Islam not because they were forced to, but because they have learned and saw how real Muslims acted and were. ...read more.


Arabians actually hoped that the cities they conquered wouldn't convert to Islam, so Arabians could preserve their own individuality as a society of leaders and tax gatherers. Anyhow, Arabia was mostly interested in conquering other cites for the wealth and the power, and as I mentioned earlier, not to spread Islam. There were a lot of weak cities beside them that motivated the Arabs to start conquering, also, the idea of new riches played a huge part. There are a lot of reasons why Islam spread so fast, other than the ones that are already mentioned in this text or the webpage that is attached to this paper. People need to know the truth about Islam, and nee to stop judging it based on Myths and lies. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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