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Religious Social Education Coursework Christianity and Churches.

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Religious Social Education Coursework Christianity a) Using pictures and/or diagrams describe and explain the main features and furnishings of a church. b) Explain the significance of these features and furnishings for the worshipper and how they assist belief. c) "For a Christian, worship at home is more important than worship at a church" Do you agree? I visited Socketts Heath Baptist Church in Grays; it was originally Clarence Road Baptist Church in 1893. Then in 1933, the church was moved to its present location on Premier Avenue. The main parts of the interior of a church are: Pews: the pews in the church are used to seat the Christians who attend Church. Near the back of main assembly hall are some chairs just in case extra seating space is required. Before the 15th Century the sick and the old were the only people allowed to sit down on the Pews, whilst all the other people would have had to stand. In the 17th century pews were boxed in, and furnished with padded seats and hat pegs. The church I am studying has pews. The Cross-: Directly above the Communion Table is a cross. The symbol of a cross is symbolic of the cross that Jesus was nailed to. The Communion Table: The communion table is a major article within the church. Bread, wine and the Bible are the main objects, which are placed on the communion table. ...read more.


At Grays Baptist Tabernacle the cross is empty all year round to show that Jesus is alive. Communion Table: The communion table is where the bread and wine are placed for Communion. The table is laid to remind the church of the Last Supper as Jesus commanded his disciples. In some Christian churches, Holy Communion, or the Eucharist is the most important act of worship in which they take part. Holy Communion means "Holy Sharing" and refers to the service in which Christians share bread and wine with each other, and with God. As they do so they also share spiritually in the death of Jesus on the cross. Matthew chapter 26 verses 26-28 - these words form the basis of Holy Communion today. Chalice: The Chalice is used during communion. After the priest blesses it, he hands them the chalice containing the wine. He says, "The blood of Christ". The person replies each time "Amen". The bread and wine are no more than just symbols and they remain so throughout the service unlike the High Church or the Catholic point of view. Baptistery Pool: The baptistery pool is used for adult and infant baptism. Parents who bring their child for a baptism believe that this ceremony marks the spiritual rebirth of their child as others renounce evil and repent on its behalf. ...read more.


If they were at Church they might also be embarrassed about singing and worshipping in front of everyone, but if they were at home alone they probably would not get so embarrassed. But in Psalm 149 it says "sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the saints." Which says that you should praise God with other people and in Psalm 150 it says "Praise God in his sanctuary" which also means praise God in church. In a church, you usually get someone who preaches and tries to teach you about Christian life. At home, there is not a preacher and so you do not learn about as much about God and Christian way of loge as you do when you go to church. However, you could get books and tapes from the local Christian bookshop or over the Internet that would help you study the Bible. In conclusion, I think that you can worship in your own home but worshipping in a Church is more effective because you are around other Christians and you can talk to them about subjects, which help you worship God. I believe it is better to worship in church because you can talk about how you feel; an example of this is when someone feels upset and unhappy. They might have suffered a death in the family, enjoyed and perhaps receive prayer or help. Karandeep Bal Christianity Coursework The Church Page 1 ...read more.

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