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religious studies abortion coursework:SECTION C

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SECTION C Is abortion justified? This is a very controversial issue and continues to raise intense debate amongst many people today. First of all it is important to understand the meaning of justify. It means to show that something is right or just. It is also very important to realise that abortion is of course legally justified. The law states that a woman whose pregnancy hasn't yet reached 24 weeks has the right to an abortion. One thing that is for certain is that all Christians (and most other people for that matter) do not think that the act of abortion is right. It is sometimes a very gruesome thing and brings up strong views in many people. The only thing that could ever really make abortion justified in the eyes of a Christian are the circumstances in which it takes place. Sometimes very bad circumstances warrant an abortion because the abortion is seen to be "the lesser of two evils". Roman Catholics however, believe that an abortion is never an option. They are completely against the idea of abortion as they believe that it is going against the will of God. There are many arguments which are in favour of abortion. These include the idea that it is a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases. ...read more.


Many women do not want to lose nine months of their lives. Being pregnant can limit what a woman can and can't do and pregnancy can harm a woman mentally and physically. Also, many women are not too keen on childbirth, which can be a very traumatic and painful experience and can result in death. You could argue that a woman does not have to go through this and should have an abortion. Sometimes a woman is mad e pregnant as the result of rape. It is unfair for a woman to have to go through her life with a constant reminder of the horrific crime. The child may resemble the rapist and this could make the woman resent or mistreat the child. This is a situation in which abortion may be seriously considered to be justified The Church of England believes that all possible alternatives should be thoroughly considered before abortion is justified. They are not supporters of abortion but are of the belief that sometimes it is the best thing to do. They believe also that is better to perform an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy before the foetus ahs developed to a point where it is clearly recognisable as a human being. ...read more.


Most abortions take place simply because the child would be an inconvenience. This is very unfair on the unborn child, which has as much as a right to life as any other human being. Abortion is not justifiable in this way. You could also argue against aborting disabled children. Who are we to say whether a handicapped life is not worth living? Just because someone is born disabled, does not necessarily mean that they wish to die. Abortion is not the only way to avoid having to bring up an unwanted child. There are many couples in the world who are infertile and would love to have children. Instead of aborting a child, there is the option of putting it up for abortion and sending it to a loving home. Abortion is potentially a big problem for modern society. Many argue that if we come to accept killing babies that are totally innocent, then there is nothing to stop us from disrespecting other people in society. I personally believe that abortion is a very hard thing to justify. As you can see there are many arguments which suggest that abortion can be justified, but there are also plenty which suggest that it cannot be justified. This goes to show how controversial this issue is. There are so many people with differing views and ultimately this issue will continue to be controversial for a very long time to come for Christians and other people as well. ...read more.

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