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Religious Studies Coursework Abortion

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G.C.S.E. RELIGIOUS STUDIES COURSEWORK ABORTION 1) (a) When a woman is expecting a baby then usually the couple thinks of this as being good news. However, for some people 'pregnancy can be very bad news.' This is because they think that having a child will cause problems. Some examples of problems: a woman might have to take a break from her education or career in order to take care of the child; sometimes 'a woman might get pregnant without being married or in a stable relationship'; and a woman might get pregnant because of rape and she would not want the child because it would be an accident and also the child will be fatherless. For a woman to give up her child she would want an abortion. 'Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by artificial or chemical means.' This results in the death of the foetus. Abortion is not the same as contraception. This is because abortion occurs when the foetus has developed whereas contraception is to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. A way of contraception is when a woman takes pills. It works by altering the hormone balance of the woman's body, so that she does not become fertile. This is the safest method of contraception. Some abortions happen naturally because the foetus does not 'develop normally' of the mother, has an injury or disorder. This type of natural abortion is usually a miscarriage. There are a number of different ways of how abortion is carried out, some examples include: * Suction method * Lunchtime abortion * Induced abortion Abortion is not a simple issue. It is a very controversial issue. This is because of all the different opinions from people. Many questions are asked and thought about when it comes to abortion, Is the baby alive? If the baby is alive, then is this murder? Does the baby have the right to live? ...read more.


If the woman has made a mistake by having an abortion then the people should not be against her and hate her. As true Christians, they should try to understand the mistake and then comfort her so that she feels relieved and happy. Instead of being accused of murder, she should try to learn from her mistakes. Surely, God will forgive, as he is all-forgiving. The verse does not say that abortion is right or wrong but it explains that if abortion is done then forgiveness is the thing needed. Everyone makes mistakes and the women should learn from the mistakes. In bible, there is no discussion on abortion and nowhere in the bible does it say that abortion is right or wrong. There are verses, which interpret this, but there are no clear references. Christians believe that man is a creature of God. 2) Christianity has changed since the days of Jesus. Christianity used to be one main religion but over the years, it has changed. There are many different groups of the same religion. There are different points of views from different groups when it comes to the topic of abortions. Roman Catholic Church The Roman Catholics say that abortion is a serious sin in all circumstances. They recognise the foetus as a human and a gift of God. They say that it has a right to live. They say to 'kill an unborn child at whatever stage is wrong.' The Catholics say that life must be protected. The Second Vatican Council says, "Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception; abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes." The Church of England 'Although it does not agree with abortion the Church of England will accept it if children will be born to parents who will not be able to cope or into situations where the child's quality of life may be deficient.' ...read more.


For example if she wanted to pursue her career and she thinks that having a child would prevent this, then I think it would not be allowed purely because it is selfish. Another reason that a person might agree with abortion is that it would be more difficult to give up the child for adoption than having an abortion because the woman would feel guilty all her life that she gave her child away even after the suffering. There is one point where most churches would agree that abortion is the right thing to do. That is if the woman has been raped then to help her recover an abortion is necessary. Another point that most churches will agree upon is that if the woman were going to suffer because of the continuation of pregnancy then abortion would be the right thing to do. The Church of England board of Social Responsibility Report 1984 says, "Although the foetus is to be specially respected and protected, nonetheless the life of the foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it endangers the life of the mother" There are many cases where the people would disagree with abortion. The unborn child has a right to live and does not have the right to be killed, so why kill the child? This is a gift from God. Every life has a purpose and each creation is unique from God. Even people with disabilities and awful handicaps can lead happy, creative and fulfilled lives. Reverend Joanna Jepson who is a woman who suffered a disability says that children can have "positive and fulfilling lives". Abortion is the murder of a human being as the foetus is alive. Does the foetus have the right to live? 'The UN Declaration of the Rights of the child states that, "Children need protection before, as well as after, birth" Abortions can go terribly wrong and they can leave terrible mental and physical 'scars' on a woman. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammad A. Khalid 5LE Candidate Number: 4049 Centre Number: 32209 Page 1 ...read more.

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