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Religious Studies: Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels

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When television first started in the 1920's there was a large influence on religion. There are a variety of religious programmes that are broadcasted over the four main television channels. The first of which is the service type, "Sunday Service" and "Songs of Praise." "Sunday Service" recites different hymns, prayers and readings from religious books (Bible). Both programmes celebrate Christmas and Easter with great enthusiasm. "Songs of Praise" is aimed at adult Christians who enjoy hymns. It is more popular than "My Favourite Hymns" as it is brighter and more modern. However, people might not like it if they are not Christian and others may think it's too modern, and not traditional enough. The second type is magazine. ...read more.


It is for older religious people and they might agree with the programme if interested in religions other than their own. They may also feel like they are worshipping God by watching it, if they can't get to the church. It has a very traditional attitude, which some might not agree with. The last type of programme is documentaries. They explore what is going on in the world of religion and help educate about different religions. There are many other programmes that could be classified as religious because they contain religious and moral issues. On television Christianity is the main religion talked about, other faiths aren't covered very much, you might get the odd hour special, but other than this you don't get many programmes that are on daily. ...read more.


The other main character I will look at is David Horton. He is the head of the council in Dibley, and very out of touch with the modern world. He believes that women should not become vicars and is shocked by Geraldine. In television religious people are sometimes portrayed as being very out of touch, particularly where comedy is concerned. This exaggeration of the character is simply to entertain viewers. Britney Spears is a singer in the pop world, but behaves like a normal teenager. She dresses wearing revealing clothes, and her song lyrics are very suggestive. Being a Christian she shares the belief that sex before marriage is wrong. I think although television channels do try to make religious programmes suited for a younger audience they still are viewed by more of an older generation because the general public see religion as something old and for older people. ...read more.

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