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Religious studies G.C.S.E Christian perspectives coursework.

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Marie 22/10/02 Religious studies G.C.S.E Christian perspectives coursework. There are a variety of interpretations of the word abortion but the dictionary meaning is 'the premature expulsion of a foetus especially if induced.' Abortion has been around for 1000's of years and used to be illegally as it only became legal in this country in 1967. Abortion has been practiced around the world since the ancient times as a crude method of birth control and wasn't considered illegal in most counties until the 19th century. However, there were laws during this time that banned abortion after movement to make it illegal started. In 1803 England band all abortions and this policy soon spread to other countries. Then in the 20th century many nations began to relax their laws against abortion. Soon after The Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics legalized abortion in 1920 and many countries followed. ...read more.


Some women even tried to carry out their own abortion using crochet hooks, knitting needled, soap, lead solutions through syringes and even paid experienced people to do these things for them. Women would also go to the extent where they'd take hot baths, take blows to the back and kicks or heavy pressure on the abdomen to try and cause an abortion. For wealthy women they might have been able to pay for a reasonably safe and discreet private abortion by a medical practitioner. But most women didn't have that choice so pregnancy would endanger their life. Most people can understand why many abortions are carried out and know what it means. When I hear or see the word abortion I know it's the termination of a pregnancy up until 24 weeks, I may not agree with it but its up to the woman to make the decision at the end of the day. ...read more.


These things are considered to help you decide whether you are against abortion or for it. Abortion can be favoured but many may say its abortion and you should do it as soon as you know you don't want the baby. In my opinion I believe life begins at conception but you truly feel the life there when it kicks. Roman Catholics believe that life begins at conception too and they believe this by what is written in the bible, they interpreted the stories and some words of God and they believe god is telling them this, just not directly. All Christians have strong views on abortion but that doesn't mean they are totally against it, religious people are still human and do understand when it comes to situations like abortion but religious people don't just depend on their own views when it does come to situations like this, they turn to God and the teachings he's set down. ...read more.

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