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Religious Studies - Wealth and Poverty

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GCSE Religious Studies Coursework Wealth and Poverty (A) (i) Outline Christian teaching, and the teaching of one other religion, on wealth and poverty. Christians believe that people who don't share their wealth or give money to charity in order to help less unfortunate people will be punished. An example of a Christian teaching is the story of The Sheep and Goats. This tells the rich that they should give money to poorer people to clothe and feed them and also to help other. People who choose to ignore people who are in absolute and relative poverty will suffer when they die. It tells the poor that they should treat others well and to put people first without the intention to receive and therefore God will make sure that the poor people get what they deserve and receive eternal life. Child remember when you were alive you had the good things in life but bad things happened to Lazarus. Now he is comforted and you are suffering. This shows that if rich people live good lives and ignore poverty and do not give what they own to Christ will suffer when they die, but people who have suffered all their lives such as the poor people who have given all they have to the service of God will be comforted in heaven. ...read more.


This is because the countries that suffer from this should be able to live the same lives as people in developed countries who do have access to all these things. Problems like these affect the whole world; we are all interdependent. Developed and developing countries need LDC's for markets and products. Therefore developed and developing countries should make sure that LDC's survive. It is also the caring and kind thing to do. (iii) Analyse and explain the work of one religious agency working for world development. Christian Aid is an agency that helps in world development. Christian Aid began life in 1945 as Christian Reconciliation in Europe, responding to the needs of refugees and churches in Europe. In 1949 it became involved with world refugee settlement and justice issues. In 1964 the organisation changed its name to Christian Aid after its best known source of income, Christian Aid Week, which began in 1957. Christian Aid is a UK and Ireland based charity. Christian Aid tries to end poverty and it campaigns to change the rules that keep people poor. It aims to strengthen people to find their own solutions to the problems that they face. It helps people to improve their own lives and to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. Types of aid provided are reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure in LDCs after wars, improving agricultural aspects in order to improve the future of LDCs, ...read more.


"The man with two tunics should share with him that has none, and the one who has food must do the same." Holy Bible, Luke 3:11. This encourages Christians to believe in the statement as it shows that it is wrong to have more than is necessary in life whilst other people live in absolute poverty and do not the basics. On the other hand people may be rich however they do donate some of it to the poor. People work all there lives to get to where they are and to have lots of money, so they deserve to be rich and be able to show it. For example some jobs in the world are harder than others and people have to put a lot of effort and skill in to these jobs therefore they deserve to get paid well. If they did not get paid well they would have to incentive to work hard. The bible also teaches that to have wealth is not necessarily a sin, as long as it is used for good, for example, giving to charities and helping the poor. In my opinion I disagree with the above statement as I believe that if you work hard for your money, for example, doctors work hard for their good salaries and they save people lives, then you deserve your wealth and as long as you use your money and riches for good, for example, giving to charity then it is acceptable. Camille Foncel 11Y Candidate No. 0270 Centre No. 37121 1 ...read more.

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