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Religious theme of concern in film

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Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme of concern has been dealt with in a film. The movie 'Hairspray' is set in the 1960's, when racial integration was starting to happen in America. This film deals with racism and general prejudice against anyone who is different. Racism and prejudice occurs greatly across the world. The 'Race Relations Amended Act 2000' states that it is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnicity or religion, and this is no different whether the racist act was on purpose or not. Christianity teaches of human equality and that regardless of our colour or race or any of our differences, we are all God's creatures; hence the biblical quote "There Is Neither Jew Nor Greek, Slave Nor Free, Male Nor Female, For You Are All One In Jesus Christ" (Galatians 3:28). ...read more.


This derogatory attitude examples the negativity and prejudice different people had to face in this time and the lack of respect others had for black people. The film also shows negativity towards Blacks by promoting a hairspray that takes care of stubborn/afro hair and makes it straight, like other ethnicities. This illustrates how whites saw themselves as superior. There is also a certain discrimination against overweight people for example when Tracy Turnblad auditions for a part on the TV show; she is turned away as a result of her size and optimistic attitude to racial equality. Tracy continues to promote integration and equality by protesting with the Black people of Baltimore in spite of the fact that this could risk her dreams of dancing on TV. ...read more.


Also, when Link Larkin risks his chance of being signed by an agent, he grabs Little Inez Stubbs (a Black Girl) so that she gets a chance to dance on TV. The words "Yesterday is history", "Tomorrow is a brand new day" and "You can't stop a river as it rushes to the sea" are all very positive in promoting the overall message of the movie. This is basically saying that what's in the past doesn't matter because tomorrow is another day and anything can happen to change it and make a difference. It also states that you can't stop something from moving forward because things will always change; in this case for the better. I think the methods used to discuss racism and integration are presented well as we can connect emotionally with the songs and characters. ...read more.

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